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Axilus Prime

Member Since 10 Mar 2013
Offline Last Active Oct 27 2017 03:05 AM
Total longshot, but...anyone got gold trials they're sure they won't use? Could use one. Updated 08 Sep · 2 comments

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Axilus Prime

Total longshot, but...anyone got gold trials they're sure they won't use? Could use one.
Sep 08 2017 09:47 AM

Axilus Prime

9 spots left for Mafia. Take 'em.
Jan 20 2016 02:10 AM

Axilus Prime

After rewatching all of Star Wars, TPM<AOTC<ANH<ROTS<TESB=ROTJ<TFA. It's not the effects that won me over, as poor effects must be excused for old films. It's that TFA had better acting, characters, and some actual realism in the fight scenes.
Jan 12 2016 04:43 AM
  • Caboose The Ace's Photo
    Caboose The Ace
    Also TFA makes the original trilogy almost pointless.
    Jan 13 2016 03:47 PM
  • Axilus Prime's Photo
    Axilus Prime
    The prequel duels were ruined by the excessive style moves. Speed is not an issue there nor did I say it was though. ROTJ's start being slow was not the problem. The fact that it was stupidly and boringly handled was. Now TFA's acting, characters, and increased realism (for gun fights as well as sword fights) were good enough reasons already since it was in no way subpar to the original trilogy's bar in terms of story. It certainly does not make it pointless as without the events...
    Jan 14 2016 07:33 AM
  • Axilus Prime's Photo
    Axilus Prime
    ...of the original, TFA's setup could not exist exactly as it was, nor could its characters be who they are today.
    Jan 14 2016 07:33 AM

Axilus Prime

It looks like Connor Kenway is Caboose the Face.
Jan 08 2016 07:13 PM
  • I_Make_Big_Boom's Photo
    Jan 08 2016 09:01 PM
  • Caboose The Ace's Photo
    Caboose The Ace
    Who would not want me on their profile?

    I am the best member after all. :D
    Jan 09 2016 01:21 AM

Axilus Prime

Well. Dammit. I guess I'm not doing a walkthrough series. My internet won't have it. The twitch stream saved file came out in potato quality with frequent skips.
Jan 03 2016 03:46 AM
  • Axilus Prime's Photo
    Axilus Prime
    Nope, poor quality across the board.
    Jan 04 2016 08:02 AM
  • Connor Kenway's Photo
    Connor Kenway
    Spartan, the stream recordings that Twitch does, are literally the same as your broadcast so if your internet slows down or something and the live stream stuffs up for a brief moment, unfortunately thats part of the recording ;-;

    Jan 04 2016 10:06 AM
  • UNSC Spartan-II's Photo
    UNSC Spartan-II
    Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the explanation Connor.
    Jan 04 2016 03:24 PM

Axilus Prime

Dec 30 2015 09:17 PM
  • Composite Armour's Photo
    Composite Armour
    Red makes it go FASTA!
    Dec 31 2015 09:24 AM
  • Yoshi1176's Photo
    It's not to the TURBO stage yet

    Dec 31 2015 02:13 PM
  • Akali's Photo
    It skipped the turbo stage... It's gone mega turbo
    Dec 31 2015 02:25 PM

Axilus Prime

Huh. Saipan internet can handle H4 matchmaking, but not MCC matchmaking? Lag was atrocious. Might just stick to H5 for MP.
Dec 24 2015 05:10 AM
  • Halo6 Follower's Photo
    Halo6 Follower
    TMCC is terrible in terms of matchmaking...

    ...And Co-Op as well, it seems.
    Dec 24 2015 07:19 AM
  • Axilus Prime's Photo
    Axilus Prime
    The co-op was fine for me and that other guy...dunno, must be Australia internet compounded with Saipan internet that caused it. But hey, we won CE!
    Dec 24 2015 09:37 AM

Axilus Prime

Finished H5. Pure awesome. Started second run.
Dec 08 2015 06:34 AM
  • Caboose The Ace's Photo
    Caboose The Ace
    Story filler*
    Dec 11 2015 03:57 AM
  • Axilus Prime's Photo
    Axilus Prime
    Wasn't that either. An introduction to Osiris and Jul 'Mdama's death, an introduction to the members of Blue who aren't Chief and the reason for their going AWOL, the hunt beginning, Warden's introduction, Chief beating Locke and leaving, Blue Team first starting to suspect something's up with Cortana along with bits of her plan being revealed, Osiris meeting up with the Arbiter, the alliance getting what they need to follow Blue Team, the final battle with the Covenan...
    Dec 11 2015 04:02 AM
  • Axilus Prime's Photo
    Axilus Prime
    ...t (save for the stragglers still on Genesis), Osiris searching for Blue Team on Genesis and finding them, Blue Team getting transported away and making their way to Cortana as the Gateway finishes up on giving her a physical body, ending in their imprisonment, and Osiris freeing them while everyone escapes to prepare a resistance in Halo 6. Absolutely none of that was pointless filler meandering. It was all absolutely necessary and beneficial to the story as a whole
    Dec 11 2015 04:03 AM

Axilus Prime

Is it odd that I found the Warden on Sunaion the hardest of all Warden battles preceding the one with three of them?
Dec 06 2015 06:14 AM
  • Axilus Prime's Photo
    Axilus Prime
    Then there are two Incineration Cannons just laying on the ground. Empty your first one into the Warden, grab another, empty that one into him. By then he should be dead but if you missed a few shots and he isn't, grab the third and empty THAT into him. He will be dead.
    Dec 07 2015 12:00 AM
  • Caboose The Ace's Photo
    Caboose The Ace
    *The Wardens body will have been destroyed but not his mind.
    Dec 07 2015 08:36 AM
  • Axilus Prime's Photo
    Axilus Prime
    Naturally. I was just putting it in simplest terms.
    Dec 07 2015 06:37 PM
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