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Ranking and Game Pairing

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#1 Meatmissile13



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Posted 13 July 2017 - 04:30 PM

Can someone explain to me how at a rank of 39 I'm continually paired in games with people ranked at 125-140?


Why am I even being paired into a game with someone ranked as an onyx when I'm ranked as a silver 2.


Also, I find it quite frustrating to be paired into a game with two people...un-ranked on their apparent first halo 5 game they ever played. The two people were shown as 2's after the game, and it indicated in their service record that this was their first and only game thus far, yet they destroyed myself and another way more experienced player 25:0 in a 2v2 game.


Just curious!




#2 Twinreaper


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Posted 14 July 2017 - 12:58 AM

Im assuming that this is your first experience with rank in Halo outside Halo 2 - 3? Ranks dont work based on numbers alone. Similar to Reach, the experience of a player as well as their k/d, accuracy, etc is what the rank system first and foremost takes into consideration. The match against the supposed newbie players is likely a pair of players starting off with new profiles.

The only advantage of playing a new profile, is that you can apply years of experience with a game to the new profile and avoid what some think are "unsightly" blemishes on their career history. As with Reach, people did not fully understand the metrics used in pairing and sadly still dont today.

Also on a side note, if their is no desireable metric that fills a pool for a menu, game or gametype, you can still be paired with players outside your range of experience. Unless you like waiting in matchmaking for 10 minutes just for one or two people to finally show up?

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#3 Unease Peanut

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Posted 20 July 2017 - 05:17 AM

The rank indicated in numbers doesn't say alot about skill, more about the amount the played.

The rank indicated in Gold and Onyx etc are the ranks based on skill that get reset every 2 months (explaining why some people might be listed as unranked in their Service Record as those stats get wiped and saved on Halowaypoint).


Also underneath the "unranked" rank the game is trying to determine what skill group you belong in so it will pair you against all sorts of skill groups and will calculate your rank depending on the results. If you get matched with high skill ranks after 5 matches or so you're apparently doing well enough in those placement matches for the game to think you might be able to handle them.


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