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feedback on the newest patch


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Hi 343,

  I am glad to finally be able to buy the camo skin for yoroi, and not in a bundle at only 300c?  Bargain.  Just wish it didn't have bright red highlights, seems to defeat the purpose of a "camo" skin, but you have player outlines and radar anyway, so it's not like you can really "hide" too well anyway, so no huge problem.

However, yesterday the game crashed five times in a row on me.  Once, I couldn't even alt-tab or ctrl-alt-delete out, it restarted my computer!  I had to run updates, full scan, and verify my game files because I was fearful I'd be virused.  Previously, it had never crashed more than twice in a day, and never twice or more in a row.

Glad to have a new upcoming yoroi event, but all the unlocks don't look like anything I really want.  Was hoping for a new helmet maybe, or some new gloves, since we have no news on when or if cross core is still coming.  The only item it looks like I'll use is maybe the breastplate from time to time, but I already don't use the one I've got because it covers up the decal.

I'd be stoked if we got a yoroi 3 with a new helmet, but still I am stoked to finally get the camo yoroi skin!

  Thank you for your time.

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