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  1. Hi 343, I am glad to finally be able to buy the camo skin for yoroi, and not in a bundle at only 300c? Bargain. Just wish it didn't have bright red highlights, seems to defeat the purpose of a "camo" skin, but you have player outlines and radar anyway, so it's not like you can really "hide" too well anyway, so no huge problem. However, yesterday the game crashed five times in a row on me. Once, I couldn't even alt-tab or ctrl-alt-delete out, it restarted my computer! I had to run updates, full scan, and verify my game files because I was fearful I'd be virused. Previously, it had never crashed more than twice in a day, and never twice or more in a row. Glad to have a new upcoming yoroi event, but all the unlocks don't look like anything I really want. Was hoping for a new helmet maybe, or some new gloves, since we have no news on when or if cross core is still coming. The only item it looks like I'll use is maybe the breastplate from time to time, but I already don't use the one I've got because it covers up the decal. I'd be stoked if we got a yoroi 3 with a new helmet, but still I am stoked to finally get the camo yoroi skin! Thank you for your time.
  2. Love that you can now buy older unlocks! GREAT idea! I will totally buy any kewl new "yoroi" color schemes I like, EXCEPT for the bundles over 1000c. But still great move, and IF I can get maybe some timed discounts on some things over 1000c, then, kewl? PS (I grabbed the 30% off samurai sword set for yoroi, as a rabid yoroi fan!)
  3. Hey 343! Love the game, the new season and bandit rifle in particular make the game alot better now. As far as the store? I thought the bandit rifle camo skin for 300c wasn't outrageous, so I snapped it up. As for the camo skin bundle, I was a bit upset really. 1400c? That is more than the season pass, and the recent state of the store tends to suggest cross core ISN'T coming at all? On top of that there is the rumoured UE5 "tatanka" mode being worked on, so I think most players don't realistically expect halo infinite's live service to go past the end of 2024. That hurts my perceived "value" of in store items, and 1400 for one skin in place of cross core isn't helping. Can we at least get some confirmation as to the planned release of cross core, the life of the live service, and IDEALLY will infinite unlocks and purchases carry over to the next rumoured UE5 version? I don't want to sound like a hater, LOVE the game, but, this just doesn't seem like the instore items value is as valuable as most players can realistically afford. But still, thank you for making a great game.
  4. Thank you SO much for adding a new yoroi skin in the store! I didn't expect ANY new yoroi stuff, (before the season 3 patch) so I usually snap up as much as I can afford when it turns up in the shop, but the new skin? HELLZ yeah I grabbed that! My most "desirable" items are usually the "on kill" effects, but I DIDN'T grab the cyber one last time it was in the store because I already have nearly one for every gun. IF you added new on kill effects for, say, melee and melee weapon kills, grenade kills, and banished weapons, even if they where specific to those catagories, I would TOTALLY buy more. My most desired store item, since microsoft don't seem to like the idea of blood, would be an "oil spray" on kill effect (in place of blood) that spurted out of a defeat players throat area. If added, I WILL buy it! My least desired store items are the trail effects thingies. I love the samurai stuff, but the cherry blossom trail, last time it was in store I DIDN'T buy, because I am not going to pay for something that can put you at a disadvantage, but I still rock the unlocked ones, but only because I don't play ranked. I checked the customize section of the game, and am looking forward to more yoroi stuff in the future, some of it looks great, but I really want a dark/matt black "ninja" skin, or a camouflage one, but without the neon bright green, like in the customization menu Thank you for your time.
  5. Right on! I think 343 get pooped on way too much, considering its said to be a bit of an old turd of an engine. Plus when the early trailer dropped, the graphics looked BAD, with plenty of LOD popping, which totally isn't a problem in the end product! They obviously worked hard to fully rework the graphics in a short time, and not only is the end result visually impressive, it really offers better gameplay than any other multiplayer fps game, in my opinion. NOW I finally get why people love halo so much.
  6. Hi 343! Is the challenge system being worked on? In the meantime some suggestions are: 1 Show how many challenges toward your weekly challenge you have completed as a numerical value in the menus somewhere 2 Make the daily challenge count toward weekly challenges 3 Let us pick what challenge from our upcoming challenges we get next and 4 MAYBE add in 7-10 weekly challenge swaps that you cannot accumulate ontop of the ones you grind out Thank you for your time. I edit this because, well, that last one might mess with 343's earnings from halo, but instead; how about a simple thumbs up/thumbs down system on the upcoming challenges menu? So you can vote for challenges you like, and thumbs down ones you don't, so they will get rerolled next time you complete a challenge?
  7. I was totally wrong! My mouse aim accuracy went up from around 20-25% to 44-45%!!! It's SO much better now!
  8. Hi 343! Raytracing is meant to be coming to halo at some point, but I only have the 6700xt and fear it will tank performance SO much, I wont want to use it. So my question is: Will we get FSR 2.0 or above at some point as well? And will raytracing JUST be for shadows and light, or will we get reflections as well?
  9. Hi 343! I like the state the game is in now, and I love being able to play in my cool samurai armor. BUT, I hear you are "fixing" aim for mouse and keyboard? If so, I think it would be fine if it autoaimed in that your "spread" was larger, and it just adjusts within a range of your crosshair, but IF it actually MOVES my aim/view around, that will be messed up, and I will want the option NOT to use it. If I want autoaim like controller, I HAVE a controller, they affordable, every gamer should have one; but I play with MNK for the twitch style aim, and except for snipers and manglers I can usually "outplay" controller by just breaking their line of sight, and using mad circle strafing skills. I DON'T want autoaim at all, IF it is going to be like controller, so can I PLEASE have the option to turn it off? I've done some youtube viewing on how halo's autoaim works, I'd like to see MAYBE more "bullet magnetism" as well as slightly bigger binding boxes for sniper rifle type weapons, particularly on headshots, to balance things out vs controller.
  10. Hi! I am writing here to complain as I have had no responses from microsoft or amd. I am very unhappy with Halo campaign and have asked steam for a refund. Why? The campaign has been out for MONTHS, and I cant play it, it keeps crashing on my 6700xt (I'll get a refund for that too). AMD is supposedly partnered with microsoft for this game, so you'd think and AMD card would be better, but I cant even play the campaign! I upgraded pretty much to play halo solely. It' s pretty unacceptable to charge, or expect people to pay money for, a non working product like this. You guys have BIG money at your disposal, and updates are FAR too infrequent to expect people to keep playing multiplayer, and since campaign doesn't work, I sadly had to ask for a refund, even though It seems like it would be enjoyable if it didn't crash. But yeah, hackers and controller players ruin the multiplayer for me too, I dont play ranked, and tactical ops is NO fun at all to play against controller players, particularly manglers. (or maybe they're just cheating players, who knows) PLEASE add a "report" function to the game too, the game is no fun anymore for me, and I haven't been playing much recently, because you expect us to keep playing and "just wait" for season 2 or longer for things to change. You have huge money at your disposal, but the game will die, because of bad customer support, and the patches being too infrequent and insubstantial. I might start playing again months down the track, when things HAVE been patched up to an adequate level, but right now you, microsoft and AMD just seem greedy and lazy.
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