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[GameSpot] - Persona 3 Hierophant Social Link And All Answers Guide

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The Persona 3 old couple Social Link is one of the first you can take on in Atlus’ RPG, and it has the fewest barriers to complete. Unlike the core cast Social Links, this one also stays the same whether you play as a male or female protagonist. Since it’s the Hierophant Social Link, just make sure you have a Hierophant Persona with you when you complete an event. That way, you get an extra point toward your relationship with each correct answer.

How to start the old couple Social Link

Bunkichi and Mitsuko are available to chat every day during the day, except Sunday, at the bookstore in Iwatodai mall. You can start the Social Link any time after April 25. Maxing out the link lets you fuse Kohryu, the most powerful Hierophant Persona.

The easiest way to get a Hierophant Persona and earn bonus points is by fusing Omoikane. You can get one by fusing Jack Frost and Orpheus together or Orpheus and Nekomata. Since Omoikane is a low-level Persona, you can summon it again cheaply from the register in the Velvet Room.

Bunkichi will go missing in September. You must rescue him in Tartarus, or he’ll die and you can’t continue the Social Link.

Hierophant rank 1 answers

Nothing you say matters in the first rank. Speak with the couple, and they tell you about an important tree at Gekkoukan High School. Head to the courtyard and pick up a persimmon leaf. Bring it back to the bookshop to continue.

Hierophant rank 2 answers

"What was your name again?”

  • Tell him (+3)

“Someone gave them to me, but I have more than enough. Go ahead, take one.”

  • Thanks! (+3)

“He should be here helping customers... I'm sorry

  • It’s okay (+3)

Hierophant rank 3 answers

"But, I can't seem to find it."

  • Looking for something?

"I'm looking for my glasses... No, not my glasses--my wallet... I can't seem to find it

  • I’ll help you find it (+3)

The remaining choices don’t matter in this rank.

Hierophant rank 4 answers

“My wife just left for Gekkoukan”

  • Maybe I’ll go after her (+3)

“Do you know anything about it?”

  • That makes me worried (+3)
Make sure to rescue Bunkichi after he goes missing or the Social Link will end.

Hierophant rank 5 answers

"I'm sorry for troubling you about the persimmon tree..."

  • It’s what you “beleave” (+3)

“Why now...? Why do they want to cut it down now?”

  • Don’t worry (+3)

Hierophant rank 6 answers

Mitsuko looks upset...

  • Please stop fighting (+3)

Hierophant rank 7 answers

Mitsuko is crying

  • Both answers give +3

“They say the tree is a memorial to their former teacher... They don't want it to be cut down.”

  • Thank goodness (+3)

“Were you the one who called them all?”

  • All give +3

Hierophant rank 8 answers

"Who do you think it was? Here's a hint: 'signature.'"

  • Both give +3

"I have to tell my son the good news!"

  • Let’s go!

Hierophant rank 9 answers

"Am I finally losing it? I used to have an amazing vocabulary."

  • Both give +3

Hierophant rank 10 answers

"...I told them to cut the persimmon tree down."

  • Why!?

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