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[GameSpot] - Pokemon GO Is Testing Gameplay Changes

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Niantic has announced in a blog post that it'll be testing a number of changes to Pokemon GO over the coming months, with "minor gameplay adjustments" to be tested in certain regions before they get the go-ahead to be rolled out worldwide.

The developer hasn't specified what regions will be the first to test these gameplay tweaks and changes, but it has released some of the features it's looking at changing or adding. These include an update that will suggest nicknames for people entering the world of Pokemon GO for the first time, as well as a new Special Research story designed to introduce newcomers to the game. For players that still need a bit of a hand, Niantic will also be testing an expansion to its Trainer Tips.

There'll be updates for existing players too, with Niantic promising updates to PokeStops and egg hatchings, both a big part of the core game. The developer hasn't given too much detail on what the promised "new PokeStop functionalities" will entail, it specified that one of the changes to the egg hatch process will be the option to skip the hatching animation.

It's not guaranteed that all of these changes will make it into the game full time, as they're still due to be tested in limited regions. If and when Niantic rolls the tweaks out to an expanded audience, however, we'll be sure to hear more on how the new or changed features function in game.

Pokemon GO is just about to launch its seasonal Halloween content, with new story content, spooky cosmetics, and Pokemon debuts due to begin on Friday October 14.

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