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[GameSpot] - Fuser Is A Music Mashup Game That Makes You Feel Like A Creative Prodigy

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It's been about a decade since rhythm games had any major spotlight, but they never really went away. Beat Saber was probably the closest we go to having another resurgence--the VR space now has a bunch of great rhythm-focussed titles if you're willing to splurge on the expensive hardware (a familiar feeling for genre fans, no doubt). Elsewhere, Japan and Korea still exist, and as a result, so do insane beat-matching games for the inhuman among us.

I've noticed a little trend of rhythm games coming out this year that lean on the idea of being a DJ. DJMAX Respect V from Korea got a PC release, which subscribes heavily to the school of Konami's Beatmania series in which DJs are just folks who are really good at smashing out house tunes on a piano. We also have the wonderful Spin Rhythm from Australia, a game that focuses on recreating the analog joys of spinning and scratching a turntable.

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But if you think about the idea of a contemporary performing DJ, you think of a person on stage, sitting behind some turntables playing records, and if they're really good, queuing up a great mix of songs, matching beats to create delightful transitions, and maybe even mashing tunes up in surprising ways to get the crowd invested and moving.

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