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Halo 3: Mjolnir Mix - Bringing the Guitars to Halo 3

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As official sounding as I could possibly make it. Utilizing various different Halo soundtracks, official stem mixes and ripped in-game audio, this is the cleanest Halo 3 Mjolnir Mix to date, complete with album art and a simple little video to accompany it. All credits to Martin O'Donnell and Steve Vai for creating the original mixes and recordings.


This mix uses the following Halo tracks:

- Halo 2 OST Mjolnir Mix (Guitar track, monks, fx, and strings)

- Halo 2 OST Reclaimer (Guitar track)

- Halo 3 OST One Final Effort

- Halo 3 OST Greatest Journey

- Halo 3 OST Three Gates

- Halo 3 Main Menu Choir

- Halo 3 In-game Warthog Run music


The remix starts off patterned after the original Mjolnir Mix, with Halo 3's main theme following Halo 2's lead, but the mix switches it up at the end to follow the structure of One Final Effort's ending. At this point, Halo 2's guitar track then follows Halo 3's lead instead, for one final hurrah.

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