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Hello I'm EHEBrandon and I'm Spartan 047

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Hello everyone my name is Brandon and my gamertag is EHEBrandon. My spartan number has been 047 ever since Halo 2. I first started playing Halo when it first released on the Xbox and have played every single one even till this day and will continue to play. So I'm not a noobie player I'm just new to the forums.Now a bit about my actual self my name is Brandon like stated above I've been a professional animator in America and Japan for the past few years working on anime, and American animations for J.C. Staff, Turner Broadcasting, BONEZ, etc.. I was first introduced in this industry by my good buddy Tom Roth whos been a lead animator for Disney movies like Hercules, Shrek, Dogs Go To Heaven, etc... Currently I'm working on two of my own projects on a studio I just created. Hopefully we'll get a time slot on Adult Swim. I also do 2D and 3D game development as a hobby and I have been living with my girlfriend for over a year now. Here is a list of all my consoles and PC. If you want to game or be friends just message me. :)
Main Rig:
Motherboard: Asus Rampage V Extreme
CPU: Intel Core i7 5930k 3.5ghz
Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX Titan Xp 12GB GDDR5
RAM: 16GB DDR4 1065MHZ
Hard Drive: 1x 4TB Toshiba SATA
1x 250GB Samsung EVO
OS: Windows 10 x64
Case: Raidmax Blackstorm (White)
Keyboard: Razer Chroma Blackwidow
Mouse: Razer Chroma
Nvidia Shield
Nintendo DS
Nintendo 3DS XL (Persona Q Edition)
Nintendo Gameboy Color
Nintendo Gameboy Advanced
PSVita (Persona 4 Dancing All Night Edition)
Nintendo 64
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo Gamecube
Wii U
Nintendo Switch
Sony Playstation 1
Sony Playstation 2
Sony Playstation 3
Sony Playstation 4
Original Xbox
Xbox 360 x4 (Halo Reach Edition, Halo 4 Edition, white Xbox 360, black Xbox 360)
Xbox One


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Seeing that massive list of consoles makes me wish I hadn't been so careless with the vidyer game tech I used to own. 99% of it is either lost, destroyed, sold, or given away... ;-;

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Halo Reach and Halo 4 consoles you say... If you ever wanna sell them hey..... Just PM me. Ive got quite the Halo collection going on and those two consoles are the only ones missing from my Halo console lineup. Ive got the Halo original Xbox, as well as the Xbox One and the Halo 3 360. Anyways welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay.

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