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Ai training

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Since nobody has answered my question in the discord server..


Is there going to be any AI in the game where i can fight against, not talking to something like firefight. I was thinking more of the lines of hosting a private game for myself and fighting off AI that is programmed to act like human players, FFA/Capture the flag/King of the hill/Etc..


The ranges of difficulties: Easy(AI Are passive easy to shoot at and they move around and pick up weapons but they act like noobs) Medium(They're challenging and their accuracy of shooting weapons are raised up and they can kill you more often. Hard(They're extra challenging and they know where the weapons are located and they will often camp on certain maps for their advantages and taken high power weapons and use DM/BR/pistol or high powered weapons.). Legendary(Accuracy is at 95% they play like MLG players, they know the whole map and they're just harder to kill, they jump and they're aggressive..)


So what do you guys think? Maybe this gametype can be called training mode, or Ai-mode :P

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 So you mean Bots? The term you're looking for is Botmatches

The only reason bots existed in old multiplayer games was because back then playing with other people was hard and also to train you for actual matches since the skill curve was so high in old arena shooters

I am not a developer for Installation 01 but I think they're using the Unity engine right? Bots are pretty hard to implement but maybe once the core features and balance of the game has been finished Bots will probably be next.  

If you're having trouble aiming and being accurate watch this video: 

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