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Best strategies for HALO Wars the original.

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I heard all the complaints for what is too powerful, what is too weak, what is a try hard and so on. But I test things, in every way I can and I found things very interesting:


Hunters vs Power Turrets: Hunters easily lose to Power Turrets all because of Canister Shell. It's a 2-to-1 ratio that you can make a 4-to-1 ratio in power with 4 Hunters equaling 1 Power Turret if you Micro well. 25 Hunters only beat 13 power turrets if they are without infinite canister shells and they don't micro at all, but they don't win by very much.



Hunters don't beat PT's. Banshees, however, do. Banshee's also beat Wolverines when using Arbiter due to damage boost and Arbiter can help out.


Banshees lose to Vampires and Hawks only. But beat all else, and 25 beat a Scarub with no Arby help and lose only 1-3 units. 2 scarubs with Army help they only lose 8-12.



With that digit said, let's get to strategies then...



Arbiter Banshee strategy: The only Covenant counter is Arby(Or Prophet) with an army of Vampires. The only 2 UNSC counters is Cutter with ODST spam or Anders with Wolverine Army. If you do PT army, I suggest not even fighting the banshee army, go for their bases to knock them out first.


Anders Power Turret Strategy: Only Covenant counter Arbiter or Prophet with Banshee army. 2 UNSC counters: Army of Set Down Cobra's with Anders or Cutter with ODST Spam from 3 Spartan Elephants(If you want to get a terrible rate of win-loss for unit counts at least). A small counter for UNSC side would be army of Grizzlies and power-through continuously to their base and hope to take them out first. But Microed PT's still beat Grizzlies ultimately.



Captain Cutter pumping strategy: As stated above, 3 spartan Elephants that can pump out the equivalent of about 6 Barracks at a time, plus ODST drop support and Mac Blast to deal with Grizzzlies or PT's a bit. 1 Covy Counter: Army of Jackals with Arbiter or Chieftain. Soft Covy Counter is super scarub strategy with Arbiter.


3 UNSC Counters: Army of Flame Throwers with any leader, Grizzly army/PT Army or Hawk army. No actual soft counter.



Anders Wolverine Army: 1 covenant soft counter is Army of Hunters with Arbiter. 2 UNSC Counters is army of set down Cobra's with any Leader or Grizzlies. ODST is more of a soft-counter to Wolverines due to Wolverines are cheap and easy to make, and easy to pump out as well, and 1 wolverine can almost beat 2 ODST's solo.



Anders Hawk Army: 3 Covenant Counters: Vampires any leader, Scarub with Arbiter or Prophet or do Banshee army with Arbiter. They have to pick who to target Arbiter or Banshees, they can't fight both at once since Arby alone can beat all 20 Hawks if you are good with him, if not about 10 solo. Banshee's can take about 8 Hawks on their own.



Cheiftain Brute strategy: 2 Covenant Counters army of Jackals any leader, Super Scarub strategy. 4 UNSC counters army of Grizzlies or PT's, Hawk Army, Flamethrower army with any leader or Wolverine army any leader.






That's for the more trollish and good strategies. And to settle the differences in statistics to prove a few things from my testing:


Cobra's are far more powerful than Grizzlies, even when not set down. Grizzlies got amped up recently to beat PT's if you can stop them from microing, Hunters decimate Cobra army, Vulture army easily get's beaten just from Power Turrets(Let alone Wolverines), Vampires rule the skies entirely, Banshees are the ultimate hit-and-run units that are near impossible to kill if the player uses them well and so on.



Grizzlies>=Power Turrets

Scarubs<Nearly everything

Arbiter>All other Covy leaders, even without powers on both sides

Elephants>Scarub and Gauss Warthogs

Gauss Warthogs<=ODST depends on your leader

Super Scarub<Power Turrets and Wolverine Army

Gremlins<=ODST again microing has a big part in this

Gremlins are far more powerful than Cobra's, even if set down.

Flamethrowers<=Brutes depends on if the guy using brutes know's how to jetpack away from flashbang or not in time


Banshees<Hornets but are stronger than Hawks vs Vehicles including their anti's from the UNSC side, and have more power vs buildings

Cheiftain<All other covenant leaders in strength, but has the second strongest unique unit

Suicide Grunts>Nearly everything on the ground except Power Turrets and Wolverines due to being out-run

Arbiter>=Hawks depends on how well he is used

Prophet<Arbiter if the guy is half decent with Arby at least

Prophet>Most Airforce except Vampires

ODST<Brutes big time unless you pump them out incredibly fast and the guy doesn't micro his Brutes at all

Microed Power Turrets>Everything except Banshee spam w/Arbiter

Microed Wolverines>Everything except Grizzly spam or Cobra spam


Hope this helps everyone understand what strategy to use. And if the enemy is mostly Covy, I suggest 3 PT's with Spartans, everything else all Wolverines if you aren't Anders for the sake of if they do Banshees Power Turrets WILL lose that fight. If they have a forge, I suggest all Power Turret Army as an Anders since Cryo can help deal with Banshee spam for a short time, getting your guys veterancy easily, and able to micro down Grizzly spammers in a few minutes and ultimately win(Just don't stop pumping Scorpions on your end otherwise you'll still lose and quickly).


Grizzlies can NOT be microed. Why? They have no canister power compared to PT. If you attempt to micro by way of Canister or quick hit-and-runs, Power Turrets will win against Grizzlies due to 13 Canisters from Grizzlies barely kills 1 Power Turret, whereas 13 PT canisters can splash and take down almost 3 grizzlies, 1 guaranteed to die with 2 either heavily wounded or dead as well. You will lose if it's an anders player microing PT's due to they can freeze your guys and just charge into your bases taking them out stopping your production and THEN dealing with your Grizzlies by microing them down. And trapping doesn't work on PT's vs anti's on the ground or even Grizzlies, just canister a hole past the enemy army.



Microing, 13 PT's with Anders can beat down 20 Grizzlies, 38 Hunters(Roughly) 2 scarubs, and 3 Arbiters by the time your army dies(Which I did. Both vs Legendary AI and vs online players).



If you think microing isn't very big here is this:


Against 3 legendary AI's my wolverine Army full Pop took down a army of Banshees with maxed Arby and Scarub, healers, Brute army, wraith army maxed out, and a hunter army at least 7 times before I had to get off totalling my score of over 800 enemy squads killed, only losing about 38 on my end.


Against players: Grizzly army + Hunter army only takes down 12/20 Wolverines. It takes the 3rd guy with PT's microing to win that fight for them against Wolverine Micro's.


Microing can potentially make your units fight up to 10x more than what they normally can. So don't just charge in, be a bit smarter next time. If you have pumping power and THINK that will win it for you, don't think that very much. First off, I can hold off 4 full pump bases on Deathmatch with 3 Spartan Power Turrets vs 33 Grizzlies, still take down 6 bases, fight and kill roughly a total of about 50 grizzlies before finally losing all 3 PT's and Spartans. Might I add, I DID assault his main Pumping base(All Vehicle Depots), and he was pumping Cobra's only at that point. Still destroyed most of the base, and went to destroy another base of His instead.





Quick>Heavy Hitting


Kinda how I work. I hope this helps everyone though, wanting to see GOOD Halo players, not the ones that spam hoping to win that way only. Or that don't know how to counter.

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