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tyrone fuller

The Fall of HALO

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Halo 3 & ODST are the best they had to offer to date. The story fell off after that. It became Maps, and online play - of which is not the

epic story's that made me buy XBOX and XBOX 360 and then spend on XBOX ONE.

Lets be real - HALO sold XBOX and XBOX 360 the game play (STORY) not the other way around.


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While you could argue that Halo 3 has a better story than Halo 5, much of the enjoyment arises from the climax of 2 games worth of building tension. Halo 6 will be the true game to compare to 3.


As for the focus on multiplayer, it's what sells. The genre has been pretty much like this for a good few years now. Why waste money putting loads of campaign missions in when you can focus on where the real money is? 


Halo sold Xbox and Xbox 360. But it also sold the Xbox One. I can't see this changing for a very long time. 

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