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A few things to fix..

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If you are searching 4s you should only be able to find 4s.

If you are searching 3s you should only be able to find 3s. + 1 searching alone.

If you are searching 2s you should only be able to find 2s + 2 people searching alone or another team of 2.


Fix Halo 3 Playlist and gametypes.



Construct, Guardian, High ground, Isolation, Narrows, Boundless, Pit, Valhalla, Foundry, Standoff, Blackout, Ghost Town, Assembly, Orbital, Citadel, Heretic.


Since we get no MLG should add a mix of objective gametypes: Guardian Ball, Pit Flag, Narrows Flag, Heretic Ball  All BR start.



Fix the Halo 3 gametypes in Doubles

It's heretic pretty much everygame.



Change how the voting system works because H2 is first on the list everytime..




May aswell seperate the games to be honest.


" If i don't get the halo i want i will just backout via the partychat before gamestarts anyway"





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As we are not the official Halo forum we cannot fix your list of problems. We can, however, comment on your suggestions.


Restricting the search to only find players that have the exact same lobby size as you started searching with is a no-go. I get what you're trying to do but it would only dramaticly slow down search speed (which is already quite bad).


I don't get what you mean by "Fix Halo 3 Playlists and Gametypes" as you didn't really state something to fix, you only listed just about all maps.


MLG has been replaced by Halo Championship Series.


Heretic is quite popular but shouldn't be the go to choice everytime, I agree on that.

The voting system shouldn't list Halo 2 everytime, agree on that as well.


I also don't get what you mean by that last quote. Care to explain?

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Also, just because you want something to be done doesn't mean 343 is going to drop everything to get the game just the way you want it. And like ORDIS said, we aren't the official website, but we can still help you. As for the match searches, I agree that you should only get the ones that you seaarched for, and I think 343 is working on it.

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It's much better than it was at release but this game still has its problems. It would be nice if they could tweak it a little more but I think 343 is pretty much done with The Master Chief Collection.

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