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Forge Kill Volumes and Soft Kill volumes

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Hey guys, i was talking to maestro earlier in the shoutbox and I thought it would be helpfull to note where kill volumes are on the maps.  This should help with forging a great deal.  On the map Ravine for instance, if you able to manually specify a player spawn point by coordinates, if you set the Z axis spawn to anything below -64.00 this will spawn you below the kill triggers and outside the map.


As for the real purpose of this, I wanted to extend an offer to help forgers with accuracy.  if there is a particular map you want to forge on and use the coordinate system to place objects perfectly, I can help.  I can import a map into 3dsmax along with you list of objects and you can place them on the map and use the relative coordinates from max to place the same items in Forge.


Let me know if anyone is interested in this kind of help.

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