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Loud Out Pages for Different Game Modes!

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Hello everyone,




I'm here to discuss the option of having Different Loud Out pages for Different Maps!




Here is a quick example:


Light Loud Out- For every map type and game mode, yet on that page is would be Heavy Loud Out, witch in turn by selecting game mode.


The Heavy Loud Out- would more consist of Rocket Launchers, Snipers, or weapons that do lots of Damage




Another Nicknack for Armor and Armor abilities would be the" Armor Loud Outs " which was introduced in Halo 4 in a certain sense of what I'm trying to say. In Halo 4 you got to choose from a variety of special futuristic armors which gave you a special ability.



As for my armor system it would be separated, into 3 Classes. Such as Light Armor, Heavy Armor, and a variety of light and Heavy armors pieces with specific places only light or heavy pieces can be placed.



As far as armor abilities, I'm not for it in the least, Armor speaks as one purpose to me, witch is to keep you from taking as much damage!

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