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Crytek UK Employees Refuse to Work; Homefront 2 Likely Put on Hold


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Crytek UK, under many allegations in the recent days for neglection of payment to it's employees which can be viewed in Unease P34nut's article here, has reported stopped production on Homefront: The Revolution due to it's core employees flat out not coming in to work and refusing to do so.


Crytek UK has been quite a big company in the recent years, but most remember them not as Crytek UK, but as Free Radical Design, makers of the TimeSplitters series and the game Haze on the PS3, they also took head of Crysis 2 and did work on Crysis 3. Kotaku.com says that this seemingly lofty studio with a generally good history and solid name is stopping production on one of their titles, Homefront 2, due to employees not working. While no official delay for the Homefront sequel has been announced, and this whole issue seems to be under the process of being swept under the rug, it's very likely we won't see anything from them until 2016 with over 100 leaving. Crytek UK itself is hoping greatly for it's parent publisher, Deep Silver, to purchase it so it can begin to recover. The effects have already taken a beating on the company though, with a Ryse sequel cancelled, Homefront 2 pre-orders not going as amazingly as a sequel to a game like this should, and a loss of trust from employees, gamers, and reviewers.


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What is your take on this, were you excited for Homefront: The Revolution? Tell me about it below, thanks for reading!

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