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Found 2 results

  1. Alternate Names for Watch_Dogs using alternate variations of Watch and Dogs, or something that rhymes with Watch and Dog. (The Harder of the two) (You can do this for any game... but this is the first one I thought of.) Clock_Cats. Wash_Hogs. You get the gist? Now go! Wash_Hogs away!!!!
  2. 16th of February again, animated movie review again. /o/ This was an awesome movie. Legit. No lie. Cool cast too, but there's much more than that in this story. The Lego Movie tells the tale of Emmet, an ordinary guy in an ordinary world who is swept out of the world he knew in order to save it, in the process learning of so much more, and most importantly who he is - the special. First off, as much as it is a new adventure, this movie is also so satirical and referential that even if you find it too kiddy to be good, you'll probably like many of the jokes, whether they be the ones you understand immediately, or those that really need quite a bit of focus to understand. "He's the hero you deserve." -Batman. Art and animation are great. This movie is fully animated, except for certain plot point scenes that I'll explain later. It emulates stop motion to the point that you could easily fool many, but at the same time the flow and continuity makes sure that it also looks good, clean and concise. I love the way how even things like water are represented by clear lego bricks. Story wise, the plot is at times a bit cliché, and I did find one nagging problem that in the end didn't matter. Many of the characters are outsourced, but at the same time are unique and lovely. All of them do a good job in contributing to the movie, providing humor, and many other things. Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), for one, was pretty awesome. Note: The following thing is a spoiler. That's why its in spoiler tags. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't click it. Music is pretty cool. The electronic beats fit in well for a stopmotion feel, but at the same time manage to convey the emotions the characters feel quite well. "Everything is Awesome" is very catchy, and despite the way it's sung by the characters emulates a massive musical, those scenes are just fun. In fact, almost all the scenes are fun - there's so much in it that is pretty much a giant set built together by hand, that you can practically understand it all. Rather than seeing a building, you're seeing a building you can build. You're seeing a car you can build. Watching it all come together is just cool. Overall, I would say go and watch it if you haven't. I give it 9-10/10, the dip in score purely because the final, final epilogue event that happens I dislike, and everything else was just fun. Love it.
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