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Found 1 result

  1. NO VIDEOS IN COMMENT SECTION PLEASE. NO SPECIALIZED TERMINOLOGY IS USED... If you need me to put something in gaming terms I'll do it below. Many of you may have never cared to figure out how it works. Some of you may have figured it out by now. Some of you clicked on this post wondering what the *beep* aim-assist is(though it's self explanatory- yes, you know you are dumb). (tbh if youre one of those people then just stop reading NOW-it's for your safety...) Aim assist has been pondered by the greatest philosophers over the last few centuries. NVM this is my math report. *Crackles fingers* "Let's get to this." Remember that these possibilities can be valid for different games... or even non-existent ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possibility 1: Aim assist merely slows the reticle within the designated area. Subset 1: If this were true then we can pose a unique question. "If our reticle is slow then what if the target moves faster than our reticle." Ive never seen this happen but let's 'shed some light' on the subject. - Corollary 1(what a nice word) : The reticle will move slower than the designated object. Obviously, assuming that the reticle moves faster than the object outside of the aim assist, it will quickly catch up to the object. The reticle will remain on the outer edge of the the object constantly bobbing in and out. *red/grey/red/grey/red/grey* *epileptic seizure-nsnzbeizbkjtbnirjsbi* *im better now* UNLESS Corollary 2(the word!!!) aww yeah : There is an aim assist 'delay'. What i mean is the game allows the reticle to remain at non-aim assist speed so the reticle can approach the center. Interestingly enough, as opposed to common sense, this scenario would would be beneficial to the shooter and not detrimental. Subset 2: Our target moves slower than the aim-assisted reticle. It makes more sense... meh. *not wacky enough* Conclusion: plausible but unlikely... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possibility 2 (This one actually makes sense) : The target pulls the reticle. This can be seen in CoD where an enemy moving across the width of your screen will pull your reticle, possibly even when it's not moving. Subset 1: The target can pull a stagnant reticle. Corollary 1: WE must determine the time* and distance* the target pulls the stagnant reticle. The time could be twice the normal reaction speed being (.3) seconds. The distance could possibly be relative to the target, but sense most targets are humanoids we have no way of distinguishing distances. Corollary 2: The Magnifier Effect- Target that overlap each other increase the aim assist. (Is it possible? hmmm) Corollary 3: How multiple object interact with the reticle in corollary 1. If 2 targets run horizontally in inverse direction on the screen with the same relative distance from the reticle, will the reticle stay still. What happens if one target is closer than another? a.will it take all the aim-assist or b.will it take a 'ratio' of the aim assist) Subset 2: The target can pull a 'moving' reticle. (Halo) *Subset 1's corollaries roughly apply to Subset 2* Corollary 1 from Subset 1 REMIX: The time* and/or distance* the target pulls the reticle is adverse to the reticles movement. Imagine this as an angle: The closer the reticles movement is opposite of the targets movement(as it approaches 180 degrees), the less time* and distance* is required to lose the aim-assist. Also, we realize the opposite is true. If the reticle is moving toward the target the more time* and distance* is required to lose the aim assist. Corollary 3 from Subset 1 REMIX: Think about in terms of the Corollary 1 remix.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possibility 3: Abnormal Reticle shapes (OR areas of corresponding aim assist which are an invisible area where aim assist takes effect)- have you ever seen a reticle that wasnt the normal circle? perhaps it was shaped like this / or this 0 or that () or this U or that V ..... There are a myriad of possibilities. Subset 1: the reticle merely acts like a normal circular reticle no matter the shape. *groan* Subset 2: The circle vs. the polygon vs. the oval(or ellipse) vs. the incomplete shape- The circle- The target touching or inside the circle will experience aim assist. -The polygons, ovals , and all complete shapes will most likely function the same way as the circle. The incomplete shape(This is only necessary if the 'reticle' is guiding the aim assist and the reticle is an incomplete shape)- Let's take a V for example. How will this work? Does the target have to touch the segmented lines? If so, then how much of it? (13%)? We may never know. Let's assume we have to complete the shape to make it applicable. The V could turn into a pie piece, an upside down triangle, or even a concave or convex shape. This would make it a complete shape and now applies to the above statement. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I left some possibilities out as they aren't even worth mentioning. If you feel that I haven't explained anything well enough then tell me. Also, if you want to add to this, COMMENT BELOW !!!
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