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Found 2 results

  1. Hi folks! I wanted to pop open the lid on this discussion, as there seems to be little or confusing discussion around this topic. I personally do NOT currently know how to create deep shadows or very dark spaces on maps. I have a map concept that is being built on the Alpine base map. It requires me to create areas that have no light except for a candle or flashlight here and there. Not the whole map, mind you, because much of the action can also happen outside. So I put it to you, the Forging Community, to help myself, and others, come up with some creative solutions! Have at it!
  2. Hello all the members of 343 Industries Community Forum. This is lilsilmarillion here today informing you that the Shadow Team, is a rebellion based from Blue Team. We broke away to our freedom, just like the Colonists and Great Britiain. That's right, consider us to be colonists of a new age. We are now recruiting members to fight off the Covenant. They are our greatest enemy and will must be destroyed! Shadow Team was formed in January of 2014 with the three leaders lilsilmarillion, Silent Orbis, and Yoshi1176. They have an untouchable rank, known as the rank of the "Infinite Shadow". Our fine second in command, and adviser is Galen Marek. His rank is touchable, yet irreplacable. To achieve the rank of the "Shadow", you must show AMAZING effort, in terms of tenure, and extra activity. We want to recruit members for Shadow Team and fight together against our threat, the Covenant. We will need all of YOU, to do that. Here is some more information about us: We Got Each Others' Backs We are a Team. We will stand strong through the roughest times and always back each other up. We are all about teamwork. No man or women is ever left behind. We always treat each other with respect and are never disrespectful to anyone, even if they are not on the Team. We primarily fight alone or in pairs to help us do it stealthily but fight as a team if the task calls for it. We are Shadows because it is the color that represents our fight and what we do. Always remember, "We Work in the Dark to Serve the Light." The Enemy The Covenant are our main enemy. We are willing to cope with any other forces to fight Covenant. As long as they treat us with respect. We are not against anyone besides the Covenant but that is subject to change. Note that if anyone does get in our way, we will obliterate them. This is due to who we are. We are Shadow Team, and this is our pride. Hunting the Covenant. Community Events Shadow Team community events will be held as often as possible and I will try to make the times suitable for people all around the world. They will be based on all Halos and every Team member is invited. It gives you a chance to show off your skills. We are still a growing team so not many events will be help yet. Ranks Our ranks are based of the Halo 3 ranks. http://halowiki.net/p/ranks. You will be promoted for your time and dedication, this does not require you doing anything outside the forum. Giving support, ideas or participating in Community Events or efforts to improve the team will all be recognized and you will be awarded with a promotion. Promoting the Team and showing patriotism is also taken in account. The three leaders and the second in command have special ranks of which no one else will be able receive. Unless you prove your utmost respect and dedication to the team. As long as you are participating us, your tenure represents you, and your rank. Recognition All the leaders and I will have every member of the Team on our profile page along with their rank and our Team logo. You can post your Shadow Team rank symbol (Halo 3 Rank symbols) on your own profile page. Note that the logo on this thread is not our official logo for everything else, as it only covers the thread. If you wish to find the official logo, check on Silent Orbis', Lilsilmarillion's, or Yoshi1176's profile page. Spartans Shadow Team Spartans are our leading members. Members that have achieved the highest rank and/or have shown amazing dedication and loyalty to Shadow Team. They will be at the highest possible stage for any member to achieve. Unless You happen to make it Above that which was stated in the Ranks section. Communication We will be communicating in this thread. All our announcements and updates will be here. We also communicate through Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network.. But please post in this thread as much as possible. How To Join To join Shadow Team you need to pledge loyalty to us and be as active as possible. We need intelligent, strong, skilled, and motivated members to take on the Covenant. War games will be perfect training. We hope to build on Shadow Team and welcome many new members. If you have any questions just ask by posting below or sending me, lilsilmarillion, Yoshi1176, or Silent Orbis a Private Message. We wish you all the best. If you need a Team for support against the Covenant or any other enemies of the UNSC we are here for you. Join today, you won't regret it. Our Current Members lilsilmarillion - Infinite Shadow Yoshi1176 - Infinite Shadow Silent Orbis - Infinite Shadow Galen Marek - Shadow Edward Kenway - Private Velozity - Recruit AIGamerGirl - Recruit The Dumb Marine - Recruit
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