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Found 1 result

  1. Map: Green Lantern Game Type: Green Lantern "EVERY THING IS SO GREEN" Freedom Cobra 1 Have you ever missed being able to toss Vehicles around diligently, like Armor Walkers Back in Reach, well now you can with this new creative mini game made by Charles Stoot. Description For those of you who don't know the Concept of Armor walkers or forgot here is a recap. One team tries to toss around the other team with the use of a armor ability, in this case it is the Re-gen shields, and you try and prevent the other team from gaining points in the hill. Back in halo reach you have every Vehicle that could spawn on the map, but here you only have a mongoose and a warthog. The wort hog drives slower than the mongoose does and it is harder to tip while the mongoose drives faster but is easier to tip. Specifications of Teams 1. If you spawn with the load-out facing the track. Objective: Trying to get as many points as you can by driving the vehicles down the track and scoring. Notes: If you get flipped out there is a small box at the beginning of the track where you can jump and get back to the vehicles.Chose your vehicles wisely and work together as a team to time it so that every one get though. 2. If you spawn with the "Green Lantern" Symbol as a load-out screen you are the Green lanterns. Objective: To try and knock as many vehicles of the track as you can. 1. Energy sword: If you have the skill you can send a mongoose spinning. 2. Needler: You can attempt to slow down the mongooses and if you get lucky send them off the track. 3. Re-gen Shield: This is the most effective way to toss the vehicles around the track, since the name of the Mini game is Green Lantern. Images Note: This is the Box that you can jump into on the Vehicles team to get back to the Vehicles. SPOILER TOGGLE SPOILER
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