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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys sorry the Wrapups have been spreading apart but I've been busy lately and I decided to wait for some announcements to come out. Anyway, let's get into it: Primary Announcement: Make your name really scary and Halloween themed and join Yoshi's Halo-Ween Challenge! COMMUNITY EVENTS First Halo: Master Chief Collection Community Event TheSpookyCenturion will be hosting an Event on the very first day of the MCC release. Date and time details can be found in the thread. If you can't make it then be sure to catch it LIVE on our Twitch channel named 343CommunityForum. Forum Gaming Census Here is a very important factor for the future of Community Events. It's the Forum Gaming Census created by SickKids7. All you have to do is answer some questions about platforms and games you play/prefer. Please take the time to participate. SD & EK's Halo Wars Spooktacular And to kick off Events for the month of October is Hell Verruckt and Deadward Kenway's Halo Wars Event. Peep the thread for the time and date of SD & EK's Spooktacular. Yang's Prepare to Drop Community Event SlenderYang is hosting an Event that takes place on a very interesting combination of games: Titanfall and Halo 3: ODST. Only RSVP to the thread if you are joining. Gotta love that banner by JackTheRipper. Everyone who attends official Community Events gets the Gamer Award: CONTESTS 343i Short Story Contest The first Short Story Contest has come to a close. We shall soon know a winner seeing as there weren't too many submissions. Shocktober Caption Contest Above is the new picture for October's Caption Contest run by Eviliest. Leave your funniest comment by clicking above. Winner of the September Caption Contest was Shockgazm!: Winners of the Caption Contest get the Captioneer Award: FEATURED INTERVIEWS Insane54 Co-founder of our affiliate site, HaloCustoms.com. *Haven't put one of these out in like a year so I'm skipping the waiting and starting some new ones.* FORGE Featured Map Above is a beautiful Forge remake of the Halo Wars ship: Spirit of Fire made by Erydhil. Check out more stunning screenshots in his thread. GAMING NEWS Bungie reacts to the leak of DLC content As you may or may not have heard, there was a video that surfaced that contained possible locations for DLC content in Destiny. Bungie's Deej responded to the community. Read what the great Deej had to say about it in Undead P34nut's article. Frank's Interview over Ridley Scott's role in Halo: Nightfall "Frank O'Connor sat down with Eurogamer for an interview at the Tokyo Game Show this year, which the topic in question was Scott's role in the development of Nightfall," leads Hell Verruckt's article containing info on the interview. Check it out and leave a like. Halo 2 Anniversary - First Coagulation Screenshot Revealed! Self explanatory. One of the maps returning from Halo 2 in a completely upgraded format was finally showcased with an in-game screenshot: Coagulation. Notice all the differences from its previous forms. Leave your thoughts and appreciation for EK in his thread. For more Gaming News check out the latest on our Front Page. HOT TOPIC The Twam Summoning Ritual Speech (totally not made up on the spot) This is an 100% sure fire way to get summon Twam the almighty ruler of this forum. It even worked. We had to sacrifice Yoshi but good things like this come at a price. Topic by Yang! MEMBER OF THE MONTH The creepy crawly Member of the Month for October is Hexter Grief! He just gained his Dedicated status on the site and immediately jumped to our most prestigious member group. MoM post. PODCAST The latest Podcast has arrived. Podcast #7 is full of laughs and has a sweet link dump so you can skip around to certain parts you wanna hear! Good cast this time around but was missing a certain someone ahem. WEEKLY COMMUNITY POLL This is the 47th Weekly Community Poll by BZ. The question: Would you ever want Halo's Radar replaced or accompanied by a mini-map? This poll ends really soon and I'm probably going to update this when it changes. YOUTUBE Here's a pretty awesome video posted by ponyo of Termacious Trickocity. Leave it a like. Find his thread and comment your thoughts here. Thanks again for tuning in guys now scroll back up and read it all over again.
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