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Found 1 result

  1. Hello 343iCF and welcomed guests thanks for tuning in this week, there's a lot to cover so let's get into it: Primary Announcement: TWINREAPER - According to my calculations, this is about 227% Twinreaper. These are rough calculations of course. COMMUNITY EVENTS Jason's Alive Friday the 13th Community Event Friday the 13th, Cooliest hosted a spooky Community Event. It had a nice turnout! Participants: Sparky Zaguroth BeckoningZebra Self Destruct ShadowFiend Twinreaper HaloGeek GSD Bnus and Rue The MVPs of the Event were our boys Sparky and Self Destruct Boss' Back in Action Event Yea I thought this Halo 4 logo was going to look a lot cooler. I thought it was a render when I saved it but I guess not... Either way Boss is back! And he's in action! Like real Shoot 'Em Up starring Clive Owen action when he kills those guys with a carrot. Be there on the Summer Solstice at 9AM to play your Halo heart out. Hail To The King Event by Unease P34nut With P34nut's Dominion Event just recently coming to a close he decided it as already time for a new one consisting of King of the Hill and Regicide. Visit his thread to find the time and date and to sign up. Everyone who attends official Community Events gets the Gamer Award: CONTESTS June Caption Contest June's Caption Contest is here brought to you by Cooliest! Click above to participate! Twinreaper and Self Destruct will get the Caption Contest Award when it's ready! FEATURED INTERVIEWS Interviews with Halotubers: Halo Updates - By Bnus. "Halo Updates is a Halo news channel covering the latest and greatest in Halo news. He is also a good friend of the forum and your number 1 place for quality Halo news." FORGE The Forgecast Episode 1 The Forge Section was missing a couple weeks but its back and strong! The Forge Section will continue with Featured Maps after this week but they'll have a nice twist to them. Anyway, this week the Forge Section is focusing on The Forgecast Episode 1. This was a podcast focusing on the future of Forge and what would like to be seen. Starring in this podcast are some big names in Forge like petetheduck and Psychoduck, and other big names in the Halo Community like Ducain23 and NOKYARD. Click above to be linked to the thread containing the pocast over on HaloCustoms. GAMING NEWS: E3 2014 COVERAGE Assassin's Creed: Unity According to Edward Kenway's article, Ubisoft says they are revamping the combat system for the upcoming Assassin's Creed game by removing the 'Counter' ability. Is this absolutely ludicrous or will this make the game more fun? I'll give you a hint it's absolutely ludicrous. Read more about it by visiting his thread and posting your thougts. Destiny Alright so most people know that the Destiny Alpha was released to certain people and I know Church and Delpen have gotten their hands on it but no one's written an article on that so I give you this article by EK about the White PS4 Destiny Bundle Pack to be released on September 9th. Leave your comments on EK's thread. Halo 2: Anniversary Sure this might be part of the Master Chief Collection but check out some amazing screenshots from Halo 2: Anniversary provided by Adam. If some of these are cutscenes then I have to say these are some of the best I've seen since Halo Wars! Halo: Master Chief Collection Have you heard about the Master Chief Collection but don't really know what it entails? Well this is the perfect way to find out. Visit BZ's article containing details on the Master Chief Collection along with its release date. Halo 5: Guardians Up above is a brief teaser at the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta available with The Master Chief Collection. Below is the official Halo 5: Guardians trailer itself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRl083Epiic E3 2014 - Press Conferences Catch every press conference you want to see including those from Ubisoft, EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony by visiting Mayh3m's super convenient thread. For more Gaming News check out the latest on our Front Page. HOT TOPIC The Great Forum War has begun! To all you nay-sayers who were against the Commanders during the time Vigilant Intellect hacked into our system, what say you now? We warned you that you would need to choose a side but it seems that won't be the case anymore for you will be chosen by the side. You will either be a member of the Offbeat Syndicate or fight for the General Discussion Republic. The time for talk is over, and the time for war is beginning. NEW LEGENDARY MEMBER It is with great honor that we accept a new member into our Legendary Members Group on the site. He's been with us for a short time in comparison to some of the veterans here but has completed much more than required by any member. He went above and beyond the call of duty by revamping our Community Events, being our January Member of the Month, and joining our Staff all at the same time. Hands together for Onsokumaru! Congratulate him in the announcement thread. PODCAST The Fourth Official Podcast has landed and it does not disappoint. Starring in the latest 343i Official Community Podcast are Church, RedStarRocket91, The Director, Total Mayh3m, and Bnus. All images are hyperlinked, so click above to visit the thread containing the Podcast. Click the section title for the Official Podcast Archive. USF ELECTION The USF Election was heated this year to say the absolute least! Read Presidential Interviews held by BZ here. Read The Presidential Debate posted by BZ here. In the end of the bloody, gory, disgusting battle between the remaining candidates TWO came out on top. Spyro kind of tried for this not to happen but the community just could not make up its mind on this one . Your new Forum Presidents are: MAESTRO and YOSHI Thank you BZ and VitaPWN for serving great terms when you were in office . Sorry for the lateness but don't worry I'll get the hang of putting these out weekly again soon. For now just scroll back up and read it all over again.
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