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Found 2 results

  1. So that time of year has came around again. It's April Fool's. Yep, and this year most sites are going all out. I have screenshotted a few things that have been announced publicly. You should do the same and post yours below! iFunny is on the trolling end: Google... Their sites ran backwards! Visit https://com.googlefor the personal experience. Techland is giving their players some fun buff as well. (Video Link is broken, otherwise I'd link it) League of Legends is also getting their "Lol"out of this. Chrome is also doing their own reaction Selfie for Android users across websites. Nature is posting some news with the following content: Next up, a retailer has celebrities purchasing their content, and oh boy are they funny. Remember playing Pokeman last year? Well this year Google Maps let's you play Pacman! DeviantArt thinks they're funny too, with their Today's stuff. You guy's gotta steam? Well no more PC gaming, they have just introduced the new Steam console! HaloWaypoint decided to get their SWAG on. Netflix was putting out some jokes as well. Making fun of their users. HaloCustoms also made their own Spoof contest. Not to mention, Frank O'Connor himself has revealed the upcoming H5 story. Last, but not least. Self Destruct has came clear on his favorite Halo: Reach armor ability! Well that's all I have for now! I will upload more later. Why don't you all share your experience down below?
  2. April Fools is one of those holidays where most online communities can't help themselves but come up with something to tease and joke around with the members of their sites. The gaming community being among the biggest on the internet to do so. From fake news to forum pranks, the gaming community always gets its audience. Here are some examples of how the Halo Community got the April Fools mischief out of their systems last week. Our Affiliate Site, HaloCustoms got a few members good with their simple and eye-stinging April Fools Day prank. At first when you logged onto the site you would see bright colors that actually hurt my eyes to look at it in the morning. You could choose color schemes at the bottom which some found to be a cool feature but the original was a real eye sore like I said. Here's what I saw when I logged in: I'm pretty sure I died for a minute. Then I remembered HaloCustoms allowed for the switching of themes at the bottom of the page so I scrolled down and after two attempts I got back to the regular HC skin. As you can see there were two choices. I clicked the "HaloCustoms" style thinking it'd give me the original and it stayed as the horrible colors you saw above. So like an idiot, I went back and clicked it again thinking I must've messed something up only to realize that part of the prank was exactly that. What you had to do what choose the "April 1" style. Not my proudest moment . THFE does a video each year for April Fools to please their fans. Last year they did a hilarious video about changing their name from The Halo Forge Epidemic to The Used Silverware Epidemic and announced that they'd be selling used silverware because video games are bad . You can watch last year's video right here, it's a guarantee must-watch: This year The Halo Forks Epidemic did not fail to entertain their subscribers and fans again with their new update video. This year THFE showed us a new take on competitive gaming in Halo: Professional Flood. Major League Flood was started by Psychoduck's good friend who's a real pro at the Flood gametype XXProSnipesMLG420XX. Find out how you can become a MLF by watching the video below: And as for us here at 343i.org we didn't really do much. We had a major malfunction after Red was doing some site updates and something very private was exposed for all to see on the site. Unfortunately our Staff forums became visible to all members and they even took the liberty to post in them as you can see above. The first to notice was @HollowPseudonym who is now on permanent watch under the Moderators' eyes. Though I must say this wasn't the worst thing that could've happened to us especially on that day of all days. Our real April Fools Prank was staging a fake fight between D-38 Boss and Edward Kenway and then saying they were both shoutbanned (when in actuality it was really only Edward Kenway who was shoutbanned LOL). At least we got a laugh out of this mishap because people got to see what really goes on behind the scenes here. Here's an example of what I mean, given to you by our beloved Site Moderator, RedStarRocket: You see, it's not all fun and games here. Sometimes we talk about the serious stuff too. Twam was actually so annoyed that he just took off that day and was considering not coming back. He made Red the Admin and the rest of us Moderators and just straight up retired. Fishy Sparky Yes it was a historical event on the site. I'm just glad everything is back to normal. It seems everybody did an April Fools Day prank except for us? We'll just have to get you next time members .
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