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Found 1 result

  1. Thanks for clicking the Wrapup, let's recap the week: Primary Announcement: Bullet who? Where? COMMUNITY EVENTS Meet Your Maker Community Event Weekend The Meet Your Maker Community Event Weekend was a success in my book. The first night it was easier to get players to fill the lobby but the second night it was a little tougher. Eventually we ended up filling the lobby out of nowhere during a 3v3 lol. We played on some of the best competitive maps other than MYM submissions with some of the best members of the Halo Community. Participants: Drizzy_Dan, GermanShepherdD, Cooliest, BeckoningZebra1, therubyprincess, Halo5 follower, Aiden Pearce, Sparky, Zandril, Sikslik7, Ardent Prayer, Yang Xiao Long, Maestro, Zoobkillerninja and Halo 5 2014. Shoutout to our friends at HaloCustoms who made appearances as well: CasualInception, SteelGreen, The 0micron, Dawnhowl11167, Big7Cool, CharlesStoot, and SOLIDSNAKEee. Invasion of Reach The Forum Ninja onsokumaru will be hosting a historical Event on Halo: Reach this weekend. On the 11th, join him to play amazing gametypes recreating some of the most memorable wars and sieges in world history! RSVP in his thread now! Ruby and Yang's Community Event On April 12th, get a good game going with the community in an unofficial Event hosted by Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose. The Slash Em and Smash Em Event is sure to be a good time. (Directly taken from the Community Event Calendar Thread.) THAT'S THIS WEEKEND SO RSVP NOW. Something's Fishy... Join old No-Name, oh I mean D-38 Boss and Fishy when they host an Event created by Fishy on Halo Wars. Be careful though, something is definitely fishy about this one.. Find the date and time by visiting the Event thread and RSVP. The Community Event Calendar Thread can be found by clicking the title of the section. Everyone who attends Community Events gets the Gamer Award: CONTESTS 343iCF Caption Contest The 343iCF March Caption Contest is hosted monthly by one of the triumvirate in charge of Promotions and Events: Cooliest. Congratulations to Self Destruct who won the Caption Contest - March and will receive the new Caption Contest Winner Award: Thanks Gryffin for whipping this up for the Contest FEATURED INTERVIEWS Flying Shoe ILR . Half of the creative team behind the gametype, Conversion. He's Staff on HaloCustoms and is a great member of the Halo Community. FORGE Featured Map: Double Feature Above we have Fort Leonard made by Archer and Trigun fan, Mayor of 343i City, and fellow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) enthusiast, Maestro. Fort Leonard is essentially a dodgeball arena where you play Maestro's custom gametype, Lenny Slayer. Now why is this a double feature? Because SHABAM: On Maestro's joinday, to celebrate a year being here he dropped this multilevel beauty named Synergetic RS. The RS standing for Redneck Selection which is another custom gametype made by Maestro. Congratulations for being the Wrapup's very first Featured Map Double Feature! GAMING NEWS April Fools Day Across the Halo Community April Fools Day is always a special day for the Halo Community. Check out how HaloCustoms, THFE, and us here at 343iCF celebrated our April Fools Days. Halo: Combat Evolved Multiplayer Servers Shutting Down Adam doesn't post news every day but when he does he brings the big guns. Read up on Adam's article about the Halo: CE servers being shut down that's got the Halo PC community in an uproar. Microsoft Has Plans for Xbox 360 Emulator on Xbox One Just what the Xbox doctor ordered. A brand new emulator for Xbox 360 games is being talked about by Microsoft. Find out more by visiting BeckoningZebra's article. Ridley Scott Working on Halo Digital Feature with Microsoft Ridley Scott, who has previously worked on Alien and Blade Runner, will be working with Spielburg for the new Halo Digital Series. Get more on the subject and leave feedback in Edward Kenway's news article. For more Gaming News check out the latest on our Front Page. HOT TOPIC Empire of the Forum Announcement So here's an awesome idea by Sikslik. He's going to start a Twitch Stream of Rome 2: Total War made by our affiliate, Certain Affinity. He's giving players the option to choose whether there should be two players playing for the feed and what faction they'd like to see him play as. There are a large amount of choices and this should be really fun to watch. It's a great original idea which is one of Sikslik's fortes. Make sure to get your vote and questions in before April 11th. That's all for this week now scroll back up and read it all over again.
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