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Found 111 results

  1. I am currently volunteering for any and every Halo: Anniversary video crews that need players for: Playthroughs Walkthroughs Achievement Videos Glitch Videos Easter Egg Videos Skull Videos Terminal Videos I am available from 4:30 PM CDT to 12:30 AM CDT. I do not have a capture card but I have the awesome Kinect which will allow me to use the exclusive "analyze mode" to go thermal. I need your gamertag and your request, So that is it, people.
  2. Hello once again i am SeanM666 founder of The O. Lets just jump right in first off. I am now goin to be awaiting msgs on here as well as on xbox live for those who wish to join the clan and will be joining the tournament. The tournament will be held this friday an will be hosted by yours truly. The tournament will be held on several maps i have prepared. First part of the tournament will be held on my Urban Trench Warfare map it is designed specifically for a btb style swat setup. but i have adjusted it so that it is now a free for all swat match. out of all the msgs i get i will decide how many get to face off in this weeks tournament if i receive over 20 msgs from people who wish to join i will make this tournament a 4 day event to narrow down my choices. for those of you who read this an decide to msg me i thank you for your time and for those of you who read this an didnt care i am sorry for wasting your time as well. This clan is for the swat & Forge base community. Also i am hoping to meet several forge fanatics who will join the clan as our map makers. there will be a total of 10 openings for the forge position. I thank you all for reading this. SeanM666 \m/.
  3. Hey guys our clan is recruiting we are Nuclear Fallout Gaming (NFG) we are a halo reach clan but you can talk to the leader his gamertag is DryerJermiah talk to him if your interested. Go Orange Team!!!
  4. If you are looking for a clan to join hit me up! My clan name is Unnatural Cause and we are looking for new members. I will try you out to see how you play. This is a competitive clan so I am looking for good players always wanting to win. We will also be doing Gamebattles, but is not required. Send me a friend request if your interested. Gamertag: iRush God (Leader) or Gamertag: Budweiser X 702 (Co-Leader)
  5. Our clan is recruiting new members. If you want to join, contact me on xbox LIVE. (my gamertag is my profile name). Our clan is not strict on color schemes because our diversity is one of our strongest attributes. Members are promoted based on performance and how much they contribute to the clan. The only rules about uniform are: SERVICE TAG: 5423 ARMOR COLOR: Member's choice EMBLEM: Spartan Foreground, Banner Background For more info. PM me on this site or send me a message on LIVE
  6. DBD. Death Before Dishonor is recruiting. and needs all the people we can get. the requirements are simple. just be around 15 or older,, own a working microphone,, and play halo often. there is no fighting your way in we are very organized and respected clan due to how large we are. if u are interested message me on xbox live at the gamertag DBD CHARGER
  7. Hey guys Im starting up a new clan called The Guardians Basicly just another Halo clan and soon to be Halo 4 clan but much more kicked back. So here the ranks are for the clan and what they do. -IN ORDER OF LOWEST RANK TO HIGHEST RANK- Recruits - Basicly learning the ropes Marines - Training the Recruits while training as well with the Recruits ODST's - Backups in clan battles recruiting new members to the clan Noble Team - Praticapating in clan battles and making sure lower levels do what is required of them ALL NOBLE TEAM WILL REPORT ALL INFO BACK TO THE FORERUNNERS EVERY WEEK Forerunners - Can do anything lower levels can do and moniters lower levels and shall aquire info from the Noble Team every week and report the important stuff to Guardians. Guardians - Can do anything that a lower level can do and aquires info from the Forerunners every week and reports important stuff to The Guardian. Guardians can set up clan battles and one Guardian will host a meeting at a time. The Guardian - Leader of the Clan - Goes to clan to clan meetings, moniters everything, blacklist members from clan, throw members out from clan, can do anything a lower level does. RANKS PLAYERS UP, runs Clan. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE CLAN PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE TO ME ON XBL AND OR THESE FORUMS Links to other topics on this clan http://www.343indust...-the-guardians/ http://www.343indust...or-and-emblems/
  8. Clan de Nocte (Clan of the Night) This post is for ANYONE who wants to join a long term clan. Introduction My name is Ben, I have successfully managed and led a previous clan which grew to 50 members strong. This might be insignificant to some, however I strongly desire this new clan to become a much larger thing. Anyone is welcome to trial. Our clan will be focused for the time being on Halo: Reach, but we are planning to move over to Halo 4 when it comes out. The plan is to reach as many members as possible leading into the launch of the new Halo. Features Clan de Nocte will have a very defined ranking system in which succesful and skilled members will be rewarded higher ranks. Players must climb the ranking system. The names for the ranks has yet to be decided. The clan will have many different level teams based on skill level of players, higher ranking clan members will be named squad members and given charge of a team of their choice. These teams will then be regularly entered into competitive tournaments or leagues online if wanted. The best players of Clan de Nocte will be named in the representative team, these members must have excellent skill and precision as they will be the ones representing the clan in clan battles. Clip of the Week! (Maybe fortnight for the time being) Any clan member is allowed to submit a video to one of the clan officials. These videos will be evaluated and judged, deciding which clip is Clip of the Week. The winner of this will gain rank and their video will be posted to the clans youtube! Many more to be detailed soon... Fun Sundays Until the clan grows larger, we will be holding inter clan tournaments every sunday. Within these tournaments, winner(s) will be rewarded with special gifts such as ranking up or even MICROSOFT POINTS or even both!!! These Sunday tournaments will include activities such as team events, getting together your mates WITHIN the clan and playing to win in a tournament. Gametypes such as Team Slayer, Team Objective... Also Lone Wolves or 1v1s which would obviously be variants of slayer. There will also be the random jump quest for the Sunday in which a map and gametype will be posted a few nights before and messaged to all the members. Whoever posts the quickest time (must be video proof) to complete the map wins. Trialling If you are winning to trial, please contact me or my friend. My gamertag is SuperSheaff and his is CDawgzII. Otherwise send me a message on here. Trialling will consist of a quick interview to get to know you and then a form of player evaluation based on your skill set. Invite your mates and gain rank! If a player brings a friend who successfully makes it as a member then they will be rewarded. More Details Coming Soon... THANKS
  9. We're recruiting for our clan Heavens Forsaken Legion. We are about dominating, showing EVERYONE who is better in Halo and having fun. if you want to join message xX Legion94 Xx.
  10. DISCIPLES OF GAMING is a very respectful CLAN with that said we will not do battle with any other clan that **** talks, teabags uses any type of racism or sexists remarks We plan on making it good clean fun for all those who choose to play with us. Also if you choose to join our clan are requirements are based off our code of conduct. You must be at least the age of 17.this is a mature and adult gaming community/clan. Like I said before we do not approve of tea bagging any racism sexism or any other form of harassment to another player. we do not approve of any types of cheating(moding). We have a uniform policy that includes colors and emblem and motto.which would change as you rank up. Are clan has events throughout the week so that you never get bored. Some of our events that are held have chances of you winning free gametime Microsoft points and many other items from our sponsors. If you wish to do a clan battle/join please contact gamer tag TopZr.
  11. Hey Guys! I am starting up a Youtube Channel with couple of friends soon and was looking for recruits. I am looking for anyone willing to play ANY gamemode with 12 or more people. If you are a forger of 12+ player maps with objective modes that would be great. If you are interested just personal message me. Any ideas or suggestions would be great!
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