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  1. Website: https://www.evcitadel.com/halo/ Discord: https://discord.gg/hABBEhK Eternal Vigilance (EV) is a multi-gaming guild that has been in existence for over a decade. We are an 18+ international community with a heavy presence throughout North America and Europe. EV on a whole is structured and organized in a way that allows us to constantly evolve as time goes on. However what never changes are our values. As gamers we value cooperation, ingenuity, teamwork and determination. As a community we value respect, maturity and a healthy sense of humor. As a guild we value collaboration, structure, organization and strong leadership. Above all though, we value having fun in everything we do together. All of this combined makes EV a truly unique and amazing community to be apart of and we work very hard to maintain a quality community. EV play’s a wide variety of games throughout many different genres. For games we have a vested interest in, we utilize our “Portal” system which allows us to uniquely structure and organize ourselves to effectively accomplish our goals. We have many veterans of the Halo franchise in our ranks, going all the way back to Combat Evolved on the first Xbox. We are very excited about the MCC coming to PC and have launched our much anticipated Halo Portal. We are also happy to be recruiting new Spartans into our ranks! What you can expect from EV and our Halo Portal. Quality gaming community with zero drama tolerance. Active member base to pursue your goals and save humanity with in the various multiplayer modes. A place for everyone, no matter your skill level or how much time you have available to play. Skilled veterans of the Halo Franchise and many other FPS's. Who are more than willing to help both new players and old hands to the franchise improve. Very team oriented with heavy use of voice communication (Discord). Regular events and meetups, Ex. weekly “Firefight” nights. Potential for competitive teams, should a venue for them to develop. Fun is always our main objective! You can find more details here https://www.evcitadel.com/community/threads/the-halo-portal-join-here.38633/. We also have several other Portals within EV. Ashes of Creation, Destiny 2, Star Citizen and VTRPG . "The Citadel" is the Portal where members play a variety of other games casually, such as Apex Legends, Overwatch, Red Dead Redemption 2, Hell Let Loose and many more! Any questions feel free to add me on Steam - |EV| Saber. You may also contact me through our Discord server or Forum, where I go by Saber.
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