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  1. rnrnwe try to be careful with our models and bits. But having found out my turet accesories from wall of martyrs, and a pack of 20, yes, 20 servo-skulls didn;t make my new home, what are the annoying thing you chaps have liost??rnrn
  2. ive been banned twice today for typing so fast. im not even aware of it until i go to type again and the chats like "youve been banned lol u loser" can we fix this or something. i cant help how fast i type. when i gotta get things out there, i gotta get them out there. honestly this whole thing is really funny but its starting to get a little annoying.
  3. Yes, I agree, It is the difference between Craft and Lore - one is the doing and one is the knowing. For simplicity, it might be worth not using one of them, but that means that players can spend their experience points in a more focused way, and wheres the fun in that?
  4. One can also take into account the repeated failure of Sentinel security within TIR. Simon himself was recently dispatched by Omni-Pol when he personally came to assist his Sentinels in the defence of their city. Its just a shame we were unable to reroute his insurance pattern in time. How can the Clans have confidence in someone who cant even protect his own city?
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