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  1. Join Epsilon Fleet Today! We have an Excellent chain of command with competitive squads that are ready to fight the world (or each other to see who's better.) With over 200 Registered members we have a lot to offer between game nights, clan battles, squad matchmaking, web or staff management and much more! Epsilon Fleet is mainly a Halo 5 clan but there are other potential places for you to be. The clan website is http://www.epsilonfleet.com/ To register go to the link, submit your application and fill out the form honestly and list F1REB1TE980 as the recruiter. I hope to see you on the battlefield!
  2. Epsilon fleet is a sizable clan based mainly on halo 5 but sometimes opens opportunities in other games, we have many branches and are always open to recruitment. Branches differ from semi competitive to very competitive. To join go to www.epsilonfleet.com and list F1REB1TE980 as your recruiter. Submit an application and you will be contacted by a recruiter or another PERSCOM (ONI) officer. See you on the battlefield.
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