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  1. If you want to check out the official Majestic Empire website go to http://majesticeempire.jimdo.com
  2. Join The Majestic Empire For A New Beginning. This Is A Military Based Clan Filled With Two Divisions: Marines & ODSTs Im Currently Looking For A Directors For Both Divisions. 2 Generals 2 Royal Guards And I Also Need Recruits.#! Soo If Your Interested Message Me On Xbox-- xXWHiteKni6htXx
  3. Join The Lost Legion And Together We Will Grow Strong msg me on xbox ~>> xXWHiteKni6htxX <<~~
  4. Come Join Me In Battle Through War Defend Our Base And Lets Conquer Others.!! Msg Me on Xbox ~~> xXWHiteKni6htxX <~~
  5. Join The Lost Legion For Halo Reach Msg Me ~>> xXWHiteKni6htxX <<~
  6. Join The Lost Legion For A New Beginning.!! Message Me On Xbox ~~> xXWHiteKni6htxX
  7. Come Join ~~> The Lost Legion <~~ I Just Started This Clan Some Fist PersonTo Send Me A Massage Gets To Be My Vice President After I Will Be In Need Of 4 Generals.. If Interested ADD My Gamer Tag ~~> xXWHiteKni6htxX <~~. This Is For Halo Reach..
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