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  1. How hard would it be to rank the playlists?????????? Im so tired of playing against Goatsponge329234912 and his 3 guests. Tired of playing people who quit out when they are losing 5-1. tired of playing guys with a "stevie wonder BR". we can only play "for the love of the game" for so long. we need something to play for. the only way to play decent competition is hardcore or custom games. You are really working on another campaign mode, rather than ranking the playlists??????? WTF. If you tailor your game to fit all the noobs, you will eventually lose all the dedicated, elite MM players out there.
  2. the patch for me and the people I play with has worked tremendously. there are some issues, like parties getting split, and uneven teams, but it is 100% better than what it has been in the past. the biggest issue for us is the lack of ranked playlists. you are going to lose the elite and dedicated players still left in this game if we have to play customs all the time just to get a match where people can actually shoot back. I wouldn't have as much of a problem losing a rank because my party got split as I would having to buy a game like battlefield because im tired of playing tickled panda 838495932 and his 3 guests in mm. we played 14 btb games last night, finished 1 due to the other team quitting. put ranks back in the playlists. otherwise, there is nothing to play for.
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