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  1. @ vaulting frog, I loved everything you said right until the end. Gaming is a luxury, but no bigger a luxury than accepting money for a product that should be delivered at the highest level of quality to the consumer. I guess that's where the whole target audience factor came into the picture. I'm a die hard halo fan and there were things that beta threw at me that were unfamiliar, but even in the limited time playing was able to adapt as I did in 3 to reach, reach to 4. I love the expansion that we've seen since 343 took the reins. It's seems like there is a more informative story to follow (even in the novels) now. That's one thing we halo fans will always have over other franchise shooter games like cod. I have friends who are cod "fans" who never so much as start campaign mode, and not just a few....
  2. Sure. We are still putting teams together as far as MCC goes but I'll let you know as soon as possible. I'll add you
  3. Amidst the chaos brought on humanity by the covenant, in the face of certain death, an elite group of spartan 111's known as the headhunters were selected for what would seem like suicide missions. The headhunters bought the UNSC critical tactical advantage with their "fear nothing" courage.Spartans don't die, they're just missing in action. If you are looking for an active community to game with on halo, have mic, and Enjoy a mature team experience, send a message on Xbox live to NEON R3CL4IM3R. BOOTCAMP MILITARY Ranking (performance and seniority based) WEEKLY GAME NIGHT
  4. Hi, I've been looking for a halo exclusive clan and I can assume by the book accurate write up that I might be in the right place. My gamer tag is NEON R3CL4IMER and I'm a former master seargent of the 105th helljumpers. Add me or message me if you're interested in having my skill set on your squad.
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