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  1. Just canons that were inspired after seeing something that made it feel like it should belong in the series. This is kinda a trailer idea to a story idea, so bare with me. Wrote this up because 3:05 inspired it and I am not cool enough to animate, sooooo.... On this video >> ----This video has no confirmed story elements to the future title and is all a matter of wishful thinking---- Unknown UNSC Officer:"(sighs)Chief...we know you have just returned to us, but we have a mission that will prove you're still battle ready. ...A Covenant Remnant force in a system showing strong hostility, it should be a milk run." John-117, looks at a holochip devoid of life. A voice whispering in his head, "Where have you gone?". He clutches the chip, then pulls the a chain through it and puts it around his neck. John turns to see the officer. Master Chief:"(Hesitant)...Where do you need me?" [Cuts to a battle raging at a Covenant outpost] John is seen with a several dozen marines assaulting a covenant outpost. While fighting ferociously against a hign number of assailants he comes toe to toe with a Brute. The Brute stood tall wielding two Gravity Hammers and the Chief running dry on ammunition...the odds are not in his favor. Both run towards each other, chief spitting every round he had left into the beast as the came closer together. The Brute swings both arms up to ready his first blow and brings them down. Chief jumps using the burst of energy from the weapon to get higher to hit it from the top. As the Chief was coming back down for a devistating blow against the Brute, the beast lets go of its right hammer and hits the Chief before he can land; Using all Chiefs momentum against him. Chief flies and lands on his back, but quickly recovers. Ready for the beast to strike. The Brute leaves its right hammer and swings its other at chief. Chief grabs the shaft and holds it, the Brute looks as if it is seeing through Chief's visor, like he can see his face. The ape lifts the hammer up over his head and slams it on his other side. The impact shook one of Chief's hands off the weapon, another shook sent him sailing through the air. He lands and rolls into a fighting stance, glances to his left to see a Plasma Grenade. He grabs it, arms it and pitches it at the Brute. Brute quickly chucks its hammer at Chief with the plasma attaching in mid air. Everything slows down, Chief stars as the twirling hammer comes hurling at him and explodes just a couple meters from him. The blast sent him back and lands on his side, shields down, the Brute retrieves its other hammer and walks towards chief as he readies to defend himself. Chief ready to dodge its next strike, the Brute hunches to its left preparing to bring the hammer around. The world slows again when the Brute hunching revealed a blue silhouette behind it. You can see the Chief's visor reflecting the blue silhouettes figure. He relaxes his body in awe as he stars into the eyes of Cortana. In that moment he felt joy, anger and sorrow. The world comes back to real-time as the Brutes body covers her up. The hammer lands a blow on the rightside of his helmet, he flies life and lands on his chest. The Brute starts to howl and laungh, victorious as the Chief layed weak. As chief regains focus from the blow, he makes out a blue blur infront of him. Chief's eyes focused on the figure and made out Cortana's feet. He hears a whisper, her voice saying to him, "Wake up Chief...I need you- ...I need you to find me". The he regains full focus and sees his chain with Cortana's chip on it. He grabs it and squeezes. The Brute readies its killing blow, then brings the hammer down. John quickly gets on his feet, turns and throws punch with the hand that contains her chip. It hits the hammers head, shattering it into peaces. The ape stumbles back in disbelief, as John walked towards the beast, it walked back. John charges towards the Brute and lands a tackle. [Cuts almost instantly during the tackle] After the battle, Chief is on top of a cliff overlooking the outpost as several Pelicans fly in to clean up. He stars, his visor cracked from the Brutes hammer, listening to the voices arguing in his head. Finally, a voice over powered the others, "If you want to catch me, you'll have to find me first." His head lift up slightly, takes a step back, then turns and walks into the forest. >>Insert tease date here<<
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