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    I enjoy playing Xbox One, Dirt Biking, Snowmobile, and conversations about world events. I am a really easy guy to get a long with and Extremely competitive. If you would like to add Me, Please do! Or shoot me a message and we can get to know eachother! Thanks for stopping by my Profile! Dont Forget to Drink BOMB ENERGY!

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  1. RT @OJessicaNigri: YES!!! I'm coming back to CALGARY EXPO!! http://t.co/UBl5SWd6F3

  2. RT @alg0d: xbl has always been an easy target, but lizardsquad made that deal remember?

  3. League of Smashley - Testing out stream http://t.co/qaUcKGPo2V via @Twitch

  4. I strongly agree that someone should Lose a Rank if you quit a Game. Just suck it up and Loose if you can't win, It's not always easy
  5. Have you tried playing games with other people? Do you have a Open Nat? Does your internet have a Password on it?
  6. How are your internet settings?? Have you Reset your Xbox to factory settings after the new Release? Have you had any other problems with any apps?
  7. I have had the same issue, I have been Reset twice now, Once at 6 and Second time at 23. They really need to get it fixed =/
  8. @ Dynasty Heroes I believe the reason why they would be focusing on the game that is not already out yet, Is to boost Pre Lunch sales, and Show players what it could possible be if they do if everything correctly =)
  9. Some people were saying they will do a reset for a alot of people with there "Back-Out Fifty", Anyone know anything about that??
  10. Good evening everyone!! So far i have been a HUGE fan of the new halo, and well i'm looking to advance. I am looking for new friends and players to play with, You can be good or bad as long as your willing to try and get better or try your best, which is what counts. I stream like many other users and play daily. I like custom game types just as much as i enjoy playing any of the other playlists. So add me up!! Or Drop a comment below! Thanks everyone!! Gamertag: CallMePolarBear
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