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  1. I'm not sure how these forums work entirely, since I don't use them, but I have a suggestion. Maybe for the Master Chief Collection, you guys can add multiplayer bots. Not just because of the issue of the network at this moment, but because it's always been a dream of my friends and I, we've played halo for years since the first, and that was always something we wanted. Many people around the world have asked as well. We don't care about objective game types, we just want slayer and team slayer if those are the only ones possible, and possibly an easy ranking system. You could even go so far as to only have bots for one game if you can't do them all, just to give people time to have fun, and not always be competitive, a means to practice and study the game as well. It would allow more people to jump in knowing they could play against bots and then jump into the online community. It would be a great move and something I think most fans would appreciate.
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