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  1. What the title says looking for customs pref MLG but I'll play tower of power. ..etc I dont think you can run zombies anymore though I didn't see an option to change teams during the game I could be wrong though. GO is iv MuRdA vi
  2. iv murda vi I'm down for about anything but preferably MLG customs
  3. Sweet I didn't know that it would be even possible to fix it if the game gen was made from vista already.
  4. The hit detection in halo 2 is really frustrating I notice this mostly when sniping especially at a long distance your shots don't register. I noticed is a little with the BR and other weapons but nothing like long range sniping. One example a player was standing still on Ascension and the bullet went through his head and didn't register. I wish they used the xbox one version of Halo 2 and not the Vista version. From what I hear this is a normal thing with the Vista version. Possibly they can alter the hit detection ? There are also other small problems which I noticed the grenade hit radius is sometimes messed up. I played Halo 2 for original xbox so I notice these things and they are quite annoying. My highest level in original Halo 2 was 43 so I know its not a problem with my aim.
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