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  1. I highly disagree with that thou I see your point of view when im going good like 20 kills in a row and I get betrayed it is the worst thing there is no pressure in that it doesn't intice me to ruin someone elses day but thats just my opinion and when some squeaker wants to have something u got and they kill u for it it is very much pathetic I see no logic in being flustered or being a D..K to someone else and if u want to betray go on griffball or something some of us are trying to play
  2. For halo 5 a better forge world would be more than great I believe that the 1 in halo 4 they just threw in all thou its easier said than done another forge world would have a major impact on the halo experience as far as custom games go and maybe the addition (if possible) of piloting a falcon again or something new like a pelican
  3. There is a rather large gap in the campaigns mainly halo 3 to 4. What happened maybe 343 can fill that gap there are multiple possibilitys 1 is that the covenant was a gang of a variety of species halo 4 covenant may not even be the covenant at all and who are the new leaders of this group of unknown orgin for people like me who would like to see that gap in a video or clip, mission ect. PLEASE responed or like this idea and if there is more possible outcomes plz do share
  4. True but the idea is still great they made drop zones for ordinance they can make it for troops but yes it would be difficult kinda like halo 4 graphics I think forge has shown us they can do and be dillagen at it
  5. Thx for the support total mayh3m me and friends have been pondering on this for some time now and its forging your own firefight I forgot to include that
  6. A good idea for halo 5 to get things to the next level would be to give forge a new look by making ODST drop zones unsc pelican drop zones and elite grunt, brutes grunts , hunters ect. To give halo 5 a different experience
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