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  1. I just realized how needy that sounds. I sincerely apologize for the neediness and any other problems. I was simply trying to express my professionalism and amount of experience. Post however you like, the Gamertag is optional, everything else is not needed. However, listing your current Gamertag makes it easier for both of us.
  2. I've been looking for a good, well-rounded clan to join. However, there have yet to be many clan established on MCC, or rather, any that pique my interest. I've been dealing with clans since the days of the original Halo 2. I've seen my fair share of good, and, and great clans. I've come to realize that my best experiences have been with military role-play clans. By that I mean clans with military ranks and positions to differentiate between their members. I've led clans, I've been a lowly soldier in clans, I've been an adviser to clan leaders. With all of that experience and more, I've made a difference in some way in almost every clan I've been in. I can work wherever I am needed. If you are looking for an adviser for your work and to help you set something up, I can do it. If your looking for someone to help you lead, I can do it. If you're looking for a squad leader or some sort of drill instructor, I can do it. If you're looking for a motivational speaker for your soldiers, I can do that too. If you are looking for a soldier. I can do that. What I Have to Offer: A vast amount of experience Great people skills Great leadership skills Flexibility (Able to work anywhere) Opportunistic Trustworthy Intelligent The ability to handle situations accurately What I'm Looking For: Military Role-Play Style Fun Atmosphere Semi-Small Population (50-75 or less) Classic-Esque Experience Open Positions (Obviously) As I previously said, I have a large amount of experience and can fit anywhere in your clan. If you would like me to join you, then just leave a comment with your Gamertag, Clan Name, Position Offered (Optional), Any other comments. I will contact you as soon as I read your comment. Thank You
  3. I am looking to start a new clan from scratch. Now I realize the phrase, "From Scratch" seems intimidating, but it really isn't. Now, I'm not bragging, but I have a very vast array of clan experience and leading experience. If I can work with someone with equal experience or just someone who is willing to gain more experience. I've led multiple successful clans, I've also worked my way up the rank ladder in many clans to make it to the top. I wish to make a new style clan that will make an impression on those who join and those who don't join. Even though I have many ideas involving the shape and style of the clan, I have completely decided anything. I'm looking to find 1-4 people who can work well with each other and be very helpful to help me, along with everyone else, to make decisions for this clan. I will leave requirements for anyone wishing to "apply" for these positions. And by apply, I don't mean that I will be the complete overlord, I wish to lead this clan along with other leaders as equals, not as my subordinates. I will message you if I choose you to help me and the other leaders shape and form this new, great clan. Requirements: -At least 15 years of age -Reasonable amount of clan/leadership experience -Willingness to work alongside others -Patience Application: Gamertag: Age: Name (Optional): Experience: Gamertag change is not required! Thank You
  4. Hello, I'm Syntax! I'm making this thread about me being available for, and looking for a nice, organized military clan. The clan can be on Halo: Reach or Halo 4, it doesn't matter to me. I've been in a very large amount of clans, ranging ing roles that I've played. I've lead, co-lead, been an officer, been recruits, recruited, etc. This means I can fit almost anywhere, I can train, I can be an officer, or just whatever you want. I work very well with others and know how to handle almost all types of problems that can pop up between people, or within the clan itself. So if you have a nice military clan (Which means there are ranks and other things like that) Then leave a comment on this topic, or message me on Xbox. I'm eager to make friends and become apart of a fantastic clan. Thank you, Syntax Gamertag: SyntaxReloaded
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