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  1. AWI Your Fear here, I am back in China, but we have noticed a big uptick in interest of joining our clan, so I have awoken from my slumber to say let's get back onboard. Same as always.... Recruiting across BOTH 360 AND Xbox ONE consoles, and a few PC games like Magic The Gathering: Arena. On Xbox any games. Mainly Halo series and Magic the Gathering, also Dead Space 3, Dark Souls 3, popular ones etc. Just add my GT: AWI Your Fear or you can add PaRTyRocK NLW, one of us will get back to you. Please read the rules in the first page of our recruitment thread.We are looking for fun and sociable people. You may not be online all the time, or may enjoy your freedom, that is ok, but we need some time for constructive clan activities like recruiting, and yes we are open to anyone who wants to make a fireteam or squad. We want a family, we want instagrams, Skype's, Facebook's.. but you should know what your teammates sound like, look like, taste like ;-) mm brains.Also we believe in supporting each other, if someone is sad, angry, stressed, we group together and support. But in return for that, we expect loyalty. You can mess around in the clan a little. But we are all responsible adults here for now, let's be aware of that.
  2. I sent you a friends request. I will try to book you in for a party chat and little civil chat and see if you are are what we are looking for. My secretary shall contact you, by that i mean my sock, and by my sock, i mean me because I am too selfish to pay anyone else to do my job :-)
  3. I will add you immediately and every one else. We have been on hiatus and now ready to consider applicants again Hello everyone. Apologies for the Hiatus, but I was away in China for about two years with laggy connection. Now I'm back in London. Me and my brother AWI Metal Mew 2 are recruiting again for our clan, we are starting over from scratch. Please read the rules in the first page of our recruitment thread. We are looking for fun people. You must be social. We want a family, we want Skype calls, Facebook's, instagrams. Not just for checking up on you and recruiting. We would like to use those avenues for recruiting too. But more because we are a family and that means being there for each other and supporting each other. When we see a friend stressed, we support them, when we see an angry or depressed post. We will offer to listen and help cheer you up. But in return for that, we expect loyalty. You can mess around in the clan a little. But you can't mess WITH the clan.
  4. I shall send you both invites, I have some members on Xbox one, however, I am not on the ONE. Which means if you want to chat to me personally you need to have a 360, or I can chat with you on Skype. I will be adding you both and supplying your GT's to my peeps on the XBONE
  5. Sorry guys, no effort, no interest from us. I saw you sent other clans this same generic message. I wish you guys best of luck.
  6. I am sorry Darkness, but we politely decline your request. We take issue with any clan being judged as "Weak" because of skill alone. It is team work, cohesion, stability, dedication, and an instinct for friendliness/social skills that makes AWI, and most teams "Successful" in our humble opinion. Whether you think we are "good enough" or not doesnt matter. We are a good clan, and winning or losing raids is not the only apect of what makes a clan good, or bad. If you guys want to talk and swap some philoshophies as to what makes a clan not just a clan but a movement, a family, a network of potentially lifelong friends... You can reach me via my gamertag. Best of luck with your other clan invites and try not to come across as so... arrogant next time, it really helps. Naming and shaming clans you have beaten, is not very sporting or mature.
  7. Hello One and All, as you can see AWI is still alive and kicking, we have gone through another refresh stage where we say a polite farewell to some troopers, but of course always friends. Also we have welcomed some new members, promoted some very hard working members, new and old alike. One thing I must stress is we are looking for dedicated members to join us. High ranks will be given to those who earn our trust. We try not to be serious and as a Clan Leader I have made it my duty to be a clan where the higher up's are ASKING not TELLING people what to do. That is something we strive for. If you are smart, and focused, then there are not many orders besides recruiting, playing games, and feeling like family. We have a phone app that we use to stay in contact, plan matches and laugh, we have our facebooks, our website and we have each other. Step forward and post here if you want to be welcomed into our group, subject to a party chat or skype interview.. Yes we recruit for both Xbox One and 360 for all Halo games, we even recruit for other games too, and support our members making new squads for any games they wish. Sayanora for now. AWI Your Fear.
  8. Thank you ACS Dark Ranger.. I have requested a member of my team to contact you. We are AWI, expect us.
  9. I thank you both for your replies, one of our member will be in contact with you soon, I shall also send you a friend request and hit you up personally if I think it is taking too long to speak with you. Your Fear AWI Clan Leader
  10. Hey Garry, I sent you a friend request, I wish you the best of luck with your new clan and hope all goes well. However, if things do not go the way you envision, I would love a talk with you, regarding you possibly joining our already established clan. We would much highly appreciate a hard-working, well organised, team orientated person like you. :-)
  11. Hello there guys, in ORDER to keep the clan strong I am cutting some weeds and doing some slight pruning. :-P We are in need of some fresh blood, motivated, hard-working people please, we are trying to branch out on the One. We need people who are willing to really help us launch our clan presence on the Xbox One, we have currently about 3 members on the One, people that want management positions or to feel valued and trusted please do APPLY. Likewise if you just have the 360, crazy, funny, cool and dedicated people wanted, cannot stress dedicated enough, not decimated, or dessicated.. we want a strongly woven family. I do NOT really SIGN IN on this website, I just read the posts or accept friends request/reply via XBL messages etc No private inbox's via 343 please Please message me on SKYPE: Surrealfreerun Or message me via XB:L AWI Your Fear
  12. Yes Mr Cause, we are on the MCC but only a few of us have an XBOX One due to affordability and also just most of us do not want one yet, or have one. At last count 4 of us have a ONE. So if you want a super structured clan for just MCC.. We are not for you, as we cover all games. If you would like, you are welcome to join us and have a trustworthy position in charge of the MCC recruitment and the ONE. Some people joined as because we are fun and cool, and are happy to build up our ONE presence, others have had interest and left when they realised they would have to do the same work as everyone else and actively hep recruit. I am the foremost recruitment specialist and 1 of the 2 Clan leaders but I do not sit like a chump and make others do all the work. This clan is about sharing the housework. :-) and the cookies. My skype is Surrealfreerun, please add me. Good day Mr Thornton, you are welcome to have a party chat via XBL or Skype. Skype works best for me at the moment. I also must notify you that we play all games and that mean that some people play Reach more than 4 or Vice versa. What I can suggest is that you join and help promote our current "Halo Sundays" where we try to all get online on Sundays and play some games, normally some will play Reach, and then switch to 4 or break off into small groups to play match making, or other games like GTA. You can invite others to join you on 4. I hope that clears things up and you are still interested. Please add my skype surrealfreerun. Mr BluNoseRaindeer. I have tried to add you as a friend, can you accept asap and also can you add my skype as it is easier to talk there. Surrealfreerun
  13. I will be in contact dude, I would like to speak with you. Our clan is not military style but we are dedicated and love active and productive people. We are fun as hell, I would like to discuss our clan and see if we can be the right fit for you. Different, but deadly. Hugs and Kisses xoxoxoxo AWI Your Fear
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