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  1. THE REAL SPARTAN: Episode 1 is out NOW! Keep an eye out for it on Halo Waypoint later in the day. And be the first to see it by watching it right now on our channel! And to see future episodes, please SUBSCRIBE!
  2. I'm going to get it for the Xbox One. I was skeptical, but I love the idea of playing and just running into people without the traditional matchmaking type setup. Just seems like a great direction for gaming. Though I feel it won't go as smoothly as they may want us to wish. Staying optimistic.
  3. I don't think that video games cause violence, though perhaps they can attract violent people. A game isn't going to turn me into a killer, but perhaps someone who already had violent urges would enjoy a violent game. Doesn't mean even close to everyone who does it is violent. And if you are going to ban violent video games, let's ban violent movies and even the Bible (but seriously, let's not).
  4. Agreed. I think most people seem to have gotten past the hate (whether for better or for worse). Most people that I know who have preordered the PS4 to spite Microsoft have reversed their actions. I still can't decide but want to go with Xbox One if at all possible since I've become such an xbox fanboy.
  5. Hey guys, I used to be big in Halo 2 but now I'm all washed up and a nobody Looking forward to becoming a part of the Halo community again so
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