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  1. Thanks! Can anyone help me get in touch with a mod or redirect one to this thread for me? It would mean the world to me if I got a tiny bit of promotion on the community twitter. I've been out on my phone for a while and can't navigate around to find one.
  2. Thanks buddy! That's my idea. I'm a one many army at this point, hopefully I'll get a break any someone big will tweet it or something!
  3. Good afternoon everyone! I just recently released my very first iOS app and I'm extremely excited to share it with the Halo community. It's main function is to connect those that want to play custom games but don't know where to look! It's a universal hub to find out who's playing what and for how long. I understand that it being on iOS is a bit of a limitation considering the amount of people with Android phones, but it was my platform of choice and I figured if it takes off even a little bit I can make an Android version pretty quickly. I thought having a little tool like this next to you while playing would be pretty sweet, considering you can find someone and jump into a game relatively quickly once it started getting more popular. Of course if anyone has suggestions/complaints at all, feel free to contact me on twitter @marshdev or PM me here! Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/halo-customs/id633791848?ls=1&mt=8 Thanks everyone!
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