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    Professional drummer originally from Boston. Gamer since age 4. Perfect age for the "Golden Age" of NES/SNES. Still play 1P Goldeneye. They do NOT make games like they used to! (Halo included, sadly..)

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  1. So I'm in the process of a Halo 1 Heroic run-through at the moment. I stopped to play a little bit of Halo 4 and I was actually disgusted, I'm sorry to say.
  2. I know a lot of work went into creating a more serious, "emo" tone, and the graphics are great, but just in terms of sheer gameplay, H4's campaign falls sort of its predecessors, IMO. There isn't that sense of vast space you had in CE or 3, and the geometry of the environments you fight in are kinda... Meh. Where are the huge, sprawling, hour-long levels? H4 felt like I was just playing chapters in a short story between cut scenes. As if the actual combat was just an afterthought. Also, at one point, you're just teleporting to different missions. I literally felt like I was on the stage select in Diddy Kong Racing. There were a COUPKE cool parts. But there isn't any comparison to the long missions in Halo 2, (or CE or 3 for that matter.) Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with H4 after being disappointed by Reach. The mechanics, the feel, the weapons.. It's a crispy game. But they need more of the passion and vision that Bungie had in regards to the Campaign missions.
  3. If I'm in a situation where I need to put down more than two players fast, I prefer the beam rifle.
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