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  1. Gamertag: Track by: NukedlceCream ("l" is lowercase "L") Aesthetics by: Lord FluffBall Map Name: Pokecoaster Gametype: Racetracks Description: This is a fun pokemon themed rollercoaster on impact. It features 4 pokeballs from generation 1 and a giant pikachu. The rollercoaster itself winds around in a semi-compact area and has 2 well working jumps. Compatable with up to 16 players. Overview Different angle
  2. I tried, those are the biggest rocks on ravine so it was hard to do. IF ravine had the normal rocks it would have been done fine
  3. 1. Gamertag: NukedlceCream ("l" is lowercase "L" 2. Map Name: Uncaged 3. Gametypes: Slayer, CTF, Oddball, KOTH (best with slayer) 4. Description: A remake of the Halo:Reach map "Uncaged". Includes all original weapons and objective locations. The only modifications to the original are 2 weapon changed; needle rifles to carbines, and grenade launcher to sticky detonator. It is compatable with Slayer(4v4), CTF(4v4), KotH(4v4), and Oddball(4v4). However, the best gametype would be 4v4 team slayer. Remember to use a gametype that makes weapons of map show up because there is no ordinance drops.
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