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  1. We're announcing a great controller giveaway here at HaloCustoms.com! Basically all you have to do is design a controller and post it -- then you've got a chance to win it! The controller you win will be the customized controller you designed, with the option of rapid-fire mod or not! You can enter the contest here: Controller Design Giveaway The controller I designed: And here it is in real life: Enjoy! Posted with permission from AD.
  2. Thanks for the comments guys! I appreciate all the activity and games that every member brings to the site! Also, we're now fully decked out for St. Patrick's Day... St. Patties day banner, entire site turned green, members colors turned green, and our alerts turned into beer mugs! Check it out! As a sidenote @Jl1223 X: as I assume you know already, all timezones are automatically calculated based on where you are! We're finding that a lot of people in timezones that aren't GMT or in America (basically the "weird" timezones) are actually finding matches. All of these people from Australia or New Zealand or Germany are getting online and seeing reasonable times from their peers, instead of everything being converted to EST or GMT, and it seeming all impossible to join. So, I'd definitely give hosting a shot sometime -- I think you'd be surprised what the results are like even in low activity times in America and England!
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