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  1. My GT is my Username on here. EDAN x 130. And thanks!
  2. Since im new in this community, i might not get alot of feedback but I have been the owner of a very fun racing league that I found 5 years ago called EDAN's Halo Racing League [EHRL]. I have mentioned this in my Introduction Thread. It's based off of real world professional racing like NASCAR and Formula One. I know that NASCAR isnt very popular in the overall world because of it's constant left turns for hours on end, but it gets interesting after awhile because it is a CONTACT Sport. Everyone loves crashes but they also love exciting racing as well and that's what NASCAR has and so do we. Formula One is more like a Driver vs. Track and Driver kind of racing. It's more technical and a lot of fun as well. There's one race that we make our most important race. It became our first ever closed circuit race in history. Bristol Motor Speedway, its the fastest half mile oval in the world and it is home to our greatest race ever. The One Hour At Bristol. It's a one hour endurance around this bullring. Here is a promo video of the 11th Running of the Bristol Hour: If you are interested and would like to join in for our 11th Season, hit me up a message or reply on this thread. THANKS!
  3. I love playing SWAT. I wish the primary weapons are only the DMR and BR. I think there are covenant and forerunner weapons that qualify as SWAT weapons. Here is what I think should be SWAT weapons: DMR Battle Rifle Covenant Carbine Light Rifle Uhh. That's it. Hehe. You guys agree to my choices?
  4. I couldn't get enough of using the Light Rifle in campaign. I have yet to use it in war games though. I think it qualifies as a SWAT Weapon. Hehe.
  5. I have been doing a Racing league since Halo 3 came out. This league will be around for 5 years in January. [url= [/url]Just skip to 1:00 in the video for the highlights of last season. We are a fun and competitive league. We run ovals and others circuit that make left AND right turns. lol. Give me a shout if you want to join. Check my signature for other stuff on the league. Thanks.
  6. Just send me a friend request on xbox.
  7. So yeah, my GT is EDAN x 130. And i love Halo and everything about it. Im pretty fun to hang out with. My favorite gametype is SWAT. I love the fast paced headshot kill stuff. The SWAT matches are always so intense and exciting! In other news, For about 5 years now, ive owned a racing league on Halo called EDAN's Halo Racing League and ive been looking for some new racers if anyone's interested. And for all the Bronies, im a Brony. I got into MLP in March and I love how happy it's made me. I dont believe that i lost my manhood because i look down my pants and it's still there. If you want to know me as a Brony, my favorite pony is Flitter. She's appeared only once on the Episode Hurricane Fluttershy. She plays a viral part in the show. But I love FLITTER! So if you want to know more about me or my Racing League, hit me up a message. Thanks for having me!
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