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    Halo(obviously),chicks,Tv, football, and chillin with the family and friends.

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My gamertag is dominator1007. I dont feel ya'll need to know to much about the real life me so ill give you my video game history. I started out on gamingwhen i was 5 years old(almost 11 years ago) with the nintindo 64(like every other person from my generation lol) and I played all the best game, smash bros,mario cart,etc...,and then my sister found herself a boyfriend,one whos actions forever changed my point of view on gaming lol. it was november and there was a new nintindo game i wanted but my parents had to work,so my sisters boyfriend(who now is my ******** of a brotherinlawl! lol) took me to EB games(old gamestop efore the merge) and he bought me my game and he bought himself a new gaming system with only 1 game. can you gess the day in november i just so happen to go? yep the 15th, and when we got to there apartment they also had a 64 so i tried out my new game and he set up is mystery console with his 1 game. My mom told him dont let my six year old play halo(she new he was getting the game) but he did. and i loved it from then on, in 5 days after playing it all my 64 games and the 64 itself was sold and i had an xbox and a copy of halo. and that was it, nothing but because back then there was nothing.and as the years past i bought other games like ghost recon and even the old CoD games. I played my way through the revolutionary halo 2 MP, and the again revolutionary halo 3 forge and custome games. I played all of it, controled armys of odsts and scorpion tanks,and i dropped feet first into hell september 22nd 2009( i beat that game on lendary in 2h:57m) and then one of the most exciting halo lauches ever happened and i got a red bungie flame from halo 3,a statue of the main characters from the latest halo, and all kinds of other stuff. yeah Halo:Reach has not been the best standing halo yet in the sense of players online day by day,but we do have our awards,our community(which is now being flooded by the new generation of children)and our hope 343 will bring in a golden era of halo for us this decade. come to think of it,halo 4 is the reason we are all here typing away on this website from 343 instead of bungie.net like we used to huh? man halo 4, when i think about her,lol makes me wanna jizz my pants. and the halo remake, well **** I told you how long Iv been playing, i dont think i need to say how happy i am. oh and theres one more halo i missed, halo waypoint,well if 343 can make a beast way for us to get halo news, maby they can make a beast game for halo to. I cant wait for the halo trilogy made by 343 and i root them on to carry on the halo torch!

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