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  1. Maybe they do get their hands on Forerunner technology. I can adapt to any armor that they give us perfectly, my only hope is that Halo 4 has a tremendous story to tell which im sure it does.
  2. What i would really like to see is a lot of armor customization
  3. I love halo 2. It had magnificent music and an epic stroyline and much more Halo will never get old, it will never die out so gives us a great game 343 and lets hope we can return you the favor.
  4. I think they should have both. Now that would be awesome
  5. Thanks, Finally someone agrees with me
  6. I think halo should be original again, I dont want any advantages with the attachments and stuff. I REALLY WANT IT TO BE FAIR AND lets hope 343 gives us that
  7. Well they should have the friendly fire enabled in all games
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