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  1. Gamertag: Dead fenix 7 Map: Shadow Moses Firstly i love both the Metal Gear and the Halo franchise. So i created a remake of the front gate area of Shadow Moses island. This is an aesthetic map but can also support free for all slayer games as well (reference picture has been added to the corner of the below image) Disclaimer: Map was only finished tonight and is not currently up on fileshare
  2. nuts. gonna be even harder to create my "all your base are belong to us" custom game
  3. Me and a friend spent an afternoon making this. It's HUGE! So naturally we take it online and with the small amount of people we had it turned out to be extremely scary and fun. Gamertag: Dead fenix 7 Map: Station Number 01111000 (in file share) Gametype: Floods on a Station(in file share) Description:This map is our own creation. Download via my fileshare on Halo 4, Dead fenix 7 "The station has been over-run. Work in your teams of two and group up and push back the flood mutation. They seem to be entering through the T-Junctions located around the station. There are few weapons and vehicles left over from before the evacuation. No where is safe, with the generators shutting down we don't have enough power to re-activate the UNSC Havok. Your only hope is too survive and hope for the best" Sgt John Purg'e signing off. -Flood being super strong can insta-gib the mantis, only use it if your working as a team. -Flood use T-Junctions to enter station. -Ordnance located around map. -The mantis does not respawn after it has been destroyed use it wisely. -Flood are super fast, with thruster packs they can clear a hallway in the blink of an eye. -They can't have it all. Flood are fast, strong but very weak. Think about your move before you make it. -!WARNING! Because they are fast, navigating space is different a teleporter has been added so if they fall they get sent back to center. THIS MAP IS SUPER FUN! I WOULD RECOMMEND AT LEAST GIVING IT A TRY! map: theatre view map: inside window - single mantis - doesn't respawn -only good if a team is helping (not recommend solo'ing it. you will not survive) - ordnance weapons scattered map: Generator Room - Cross-road between Outer, Inner-top and Inner-bottom rings Gameplay may be added later.
  4. Im trying to start some dominion mode that makes one have to capture all the bases back from a team that has them all. Is it possible to do, playtesting just ends the game automatically with a draw
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