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  1. Knox is a reimagination of a map I made in Halo 4 called Nox. The map has a similar three tier ring system that really makes the gameplay on this map stand out from maps of this similar style. The semi circle layout naturally segments the map and creates loads of fun sightlines between the top and bottom making top control on the map incredibly fun and challenging. Players will have many options in place to attest the positions of power but in a way where teamwork is required. Strategies on the map are easily understandable but at the same time complex enough for replayability. Knox is flexible for 4-8 players. I personally enjoy 2v2 BR's with no radar the most. If your'e playing Hill I would recommend at least 6 players. If you want to get ahold of the map, add TheElderAcorn and search for me on the 343 Guilty Spark mission, timing, Heroic leaderboards. Thanks for taking the time to check out my first MCC map! Here is a walkthrough of the very 1st version:
  2. My submission is my small asymmetrical map Ridge. Ridge is set up for Slayer, KOTH, and Ball. To find my fileshare you need to search the Halo CE, Heroic, Timing leaderboards. I'll be on most of the missions.
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