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  1. Yes, that looks like an aim bot. Note how it jerks around immediately to a headshot on the nearest enemy player that's 'visible' on the screen in the direction he's looking, every time it jerks, he's triggering the bot to autoaim. It autoaims on the nearest target, even through walls, which is why sometimes he's looking at seemingly nothing. The whole idea with these is to trigger it and fire asap, so further movement (either of the player or the opponent) doesn't affect the line the bot has pointed to the opponent. EDIT: On further review, you might have just been lagging pretty bad. If you watch the clip from other player's perspectives, they jerk around a lot too. He could have just been doing really well.
  2. 4th mission, top of the tree on the far right as you spawn. Hard to miss when you're looking for a box on top a tree. Unlike episode 2, the dialogue isn't fantastically funny, but still, it's there. Good stuff, Rooster Teeth.
  3. It's the pulse grenade that can glitch the mission, if thrown right before the end. It needs to kill the medic (white armored marine) in the second camera angle of the ending scene. If done right, it will glitch the ending like mentioned above and the mission will not continue through the full ending (thus not returning the player to the lobby and granting xp).
  4. If they get 5-6 kills, then rubber band their controller, they get full exp cred like everyone else, 4500 - 5950 xp per SO game. Today, 2/3 of my games had at least one AFKer, one had two. There's topics on other [exploit] sites about 'how to afk in Spartan Ops' (found them when Googling around to see if it was a major issue when I started to notice it) It's a pain in the ass when we spawn near them, the game takes longer (albeit this does add to the score, apparently the longer the game the higher the score, and you only need a minimum number of kills to reach the maximum score for the time you got, Gagarin is sitting at about 8.5 minutes optimal time), and it's frustrating to have to carry their asses when I and my teammates that actually put in effort do all the work for them. Either reduce the xp output of Spartan Ops games to make it less of an incentive for them to do this crap, or have the AFK system kick them after the 3rd or 4th wave if they have zero kills (As WELL as if they stand still for 60-90 seconds).
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