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  1. I agree, between that and team snipers I was stoked...and now they're gone! O_o
  2. http://www.examiner.com/article/halo-4-daily-experience-point-c-ap-explained-by-343-industries Apparently they explained it, even though their answered is a bunch of crap. SMH >_>
  3. I agree, the XP cap is retarded...it basically penalizes 1) hardcore gamers that WANT to rank up quick and 2) people (like me) that have lives and work jobs and can play a lot on weekends. Why CAN'T I do all my ranking in two days if I go to work and school and can't play during the week? STUPID.
  4. See my previous post. You can also try clearing your Xbox's cache as well, especially if you got the special edition.
  5. Suffice it to say I've had this problem a few times and restarting my Xbox and/or my network setup (modem/router, etc) has seemed to work okay for me...you'd think with the money they are making from this (and future) title(s) would allow them to have dedicated servers. Nothing worse than 'servers' not working or having garbage hosts...kind of funny that I have 50 mbp/s internet and I rarely get host...I would think fastest (and best located possibly) would make sense for host...who knows...
  6. The codes are good...but I'm wondering what do you have to do to 'meet the requirements'. I did one of the puzzles correctly and got that message.
  7. I'd like to thank 343i for not making "Halo Reach: Part 2". Reach ruined the series for me frankly...but 4 has renewed my zest and desire to enjoy the Halo universe once more. You heard that? I'm surprised people even considered reach a good part of the series...that game ruined it...at least for me anyways...nothing like a flimsy game to turn people away from a series...thankfully 343i has brought me back.
  8. There is going to be a post release update that adds the ranking (if I understood correctly) for the Pro playlist...and will rate you against others and pair you with people of similar skill so that it's always challenging. As far as what there will be to 'work toward' with that system...that remains to be seen (I believe in early 2013)...they were discussing possibly taking our stats from launch until then to rate people or possibly start everyone fresh when that new system comes out...not sure...but only time will tell.
  9. Personally I'd rather they spend their money making the game all it can be...what's the point of an 'artful' "brochure" about the game. Especially when even new people can pop in the game and there are animated/interactive tutorials for every mode. Maybe it's just my personal opinion, but I prefer the eye candy to be in the game versus in a 'pamphlet' that I might look at once or twice.
  10. If I had to guess it's likely in place to keep everyone 'on the same level', though I don't see why that would matter >_>
  11. Please see my thread at http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/16536-request-for-feature-halo-4/. It involves us being able to customize our control scheme...I would assume it's a widely desired feature...Also, I agree with what everyone is saying about bring back more of the Halo maps of old...it would be a great bonus content pack. Hell I'd even pay for it if there were enough maps in it.
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